‘Clash Of Clans’ Hack: Attack Strategy For Guaranteed Victory, Earn More Money In Clan Wars, And More

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Do you need a Clash of Clans hack to ensure your victory whenever you attack towns? Do you feel frustrated whenever you fail to get two to three stars in clan wars because your troops wander aimlessly throughout the map? A video has gone up recently demonstrating an attack strategy so your troops attack the right defenses.

GottaBeMobile detailed their Clash of Clans attack strategy using dragons with the aid of the funnel technique to ensure a two-star victory.? This also makes sure that the dragons attack the defenses you want and don?t wander aimlessly around the map. They also said that this is a useful technique for attacking latter TH levels where Inferno Towers can easily decimate your forces.

According to Kpopstarz, the funnel technique is applicable for attacking with any kind of troops. Although, the funnel technique is most crucial for using dragons especially as you want to ensure that they eliminate the opponent?s air defenses first.

How To Funnel With Dragons

GottaBeMobile used eight dragons and 16 balloons. Of course, you should first make sure that you have upgraded the level of both troops in order for your attack to be effective. Here is their guide:

  1. Watch out for air sleepers and attack two corners or area of the base. Make sure that he corners are close to one another
  2. Drop a dragon for each of the two near and let them spew flames for a few seconds.
  3. Deploy the rest of you troops in the middle of the two corners and the funnel will start.
  4. Drop rage and healing spells as desired.
  5. Use your available heroes (Barbarian Knight and Archer Queen) to clean-up the buildings that weren?t destroyed.

Did you find their guide for COC helpful? What?s your strategy for raiding towns? You can also check our guide on how to maximize your resources: Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. COC?is available on Android iOS, and Microsoft Windows? but you can also play it on PC via our guide.

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