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Clash Of Clans Dragon Event: What We Know So Far

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Clash of Clans December update

After the Clashmas event in Clash of Clans, Supercell is planning to keep players busy with another upcoming event. The next event will feature our beloved Dragons, and players are pretty excited as to what the next event will bring to their clans and villages. Here?s everything we know about the Clash of Clans Dragon event.

Event Start Time

The Clashmas event officially ends today, but the new events tab from Supercell has been filled up with another event simply named Dragon. No specific time has been given for the official start of the Clash of Clans Dragon event, but we can expect it to start sometime today or tomorrow. Players should keep a close eye on the game as the event could kick off at any moment.

Event Mechanics

Supercell is yet to disclose anything about the event so far, but players are speculating that with the event, players can get a discount on producing Dragons. It?s also possible that Baby Dragons are part of the discount as well. It?s also likely that there will be a few challenges for players to do that will require the use of Dragons. Doing these challenges will of course reward players with a few Gems and XP.

Don?t Upgrade Air Defense Towers

Now?s not the time to upgrade any tower that specializes in taking out air troops. The Clash of Clans Dragon event will push players to use Dragons often since they come at a discount. Those currently upgrading air defense towers are certainly at a disadvantage because of the possible surge in Dragon units. Those with air defense towers now should refrain from upgrading until the event is over. It?s likely that the event will last a couple of weeks or days, so it?s best to hold out till then.

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