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Clash Of Clans Clashmas Update: Santa’s Surprise Officially Revealed! Ice Wizard And Free Spell Trap Possibly Next

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Clash of Clans Clashmas update

Supercell is kicking things off with the festivities in Villages in Clash of Clans. The developer recently released the first of the three secret gifts that?s part of the Clash of Clans Clashmas update. There?s a new spell card that players can use and it can totally decimate any other villages. Here?s the first secret gift from Supercell.

Santa?s Surprise

Supercell revealed the Santa?s Surprise spell card via a video. It?s the first of three secret gifts, and Supercell kicked off the presents with a literal bang as Santa?s Surprise will be dropping bombs on Villages Clash of Clans. The special spell unit will be up for a limited time only, so players should make use of it before its availability ends. According to the video, players can use the Santa?s Surprise spell card until January 5.

Santa?s Surprise will be able to destroy buildings and damage enemy troops from above. This means players don?t have to worry about destroying walls before getting into the Village itself. There?s no countering Santa?s Surprise, so Villages will have to hold out for when this spell card is used.

We can expect to see one of the two other Clash of Clans Clashmas update gifts later today. The two other gifts coming, according to a leak, is the Ice Wizard unit and the Freeze Spell Trap.

We?ve yet to know whether or not all the cards in the Clash of Clans Clashmas update are available only until Jan. 5. The Santa?s Surprise spell unit is definitely for Christmas only, but we can?t say the same for the Ice Wizard and the Freeze Spell Trap. It?s possible that these two cards will still be available after Jan. 5, but we?ll have to wait for Supercell?s official word on this first.

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