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Clash Of Clans Builder Base Update Live: New Structures, Units, PVP, And Many More In Major Update

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Clash Of Clans Builder Base Update Is Huge Adds So Many Things To The Game
A New Major Update Is Out Now For Clash Of Clans [Image Courtesy Of Clash Of Clans]

Supercell just released one of the biggest updates for Clash of Clans and players now have access to a lot of new things in the city builder. The new update adds a lot of new features, all free of charge and all players will get to enjoy the added features once they reach Town Hall level 4. Here are all of the biggest changes found in the Clash of Clans Builder Base update.

New Area

The highlight of the Clash of Clans Builder Base update is the new island that’s separate from the landmass that players have been building their bases at all this time. Once players reach Town Hall level 4, they can use a new ship to go to a separate island to build a new base.

The Builder Base isn’t just a new landmass to build a new base in as the structures that players can place on the island are different from what they’re used to. Some of the structures offer a unique twist on some of the structures already in Clash of Clans. For example, the Archer Toweer can toggle between quick attacks and long range.

The Builder Base is also home to new structures exclusive to the island. It includes new defense lines such as the Crusher and Push Trap. Other new structures include the Gem Mine which collects Gem overtime and the Clock Tower which can hasten the speed of most things in the Builder Base.

That’s not all the Builder Base has to offer. There are also new Troops to get a hold of in the new area. First is the Bomber which can toss big bombs and attack several building in one attack. The other is the Cannon Cart which is a good line of offense to bring to the front line to take care of defending troops easily.

Another troop that players can get their hand on in the Clash of Clans Builder Base update is the Battle Machine. It’s also exclusive to the new area. Once players upgrade their Builder Hall to level 5, they can use this new hero unit. Upgrading Battle Machine to level 5 will unlock the Electric Hammer ability.

New Battle Mode

Aside from the new landmass, new structures and troops, the Clash of Clans Builder Base update also adds a new game mode for players to get into. The new Versus Battle allows players to go head to head against opponents in real time. It’s sort of the PVP mode for Clash of Clans and it’s a new way to play.

In Versus Battle, players attack each other’s’ bases and the player with the best attack wins the battle. Players shouldn’t have to worry about losing loot though as resources won’t be lost while on defense. If players manage to win 3 Versus Battle per day, they’ll score the biggest loot payout. There are also new Versus Trophies to collect and players can climb to a new leaderboard.

New Game Mechanics

The Clash of Clans Builder Base update shouldn’t be taken lightly though as players will have to study a whole new mechanic for the game. Things are easier to manage in the Builder Base as according to Supercell, “ease of management” is one of the inspirations for the area.

In the Builder Base, troops train automatically and the walls come in segments and not in several separate pieces. Moreover, players can’t be attacked while they are away from the Builder Base. There are also no Wizards in the Builder Base so Spells are nonexistent as well and players will have to rely solely on troops.

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