Clash Of Clans Builder Base Guide: How To Succeed In The New Area

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Clash Of Clans Builder Base Update Now Up And Running
The Clash Of Clans Base Builder Update Is Now Out [Image Captured From Supercell]

Supercell’s Clash of Clans had a major update recently which added a whole new dimension to the game. The Builder Base is a new island that players can build a new base in but there’s much more new features to the game than just that. Along with the Clash of Clans Builder Base is a ton of new mechanics that players should get to first. Here are a few tips in succeeding in the new area.

Battles Galore

While the Builders Base will give players access to a few resource collectors, the best way for players to collect loot and all necessary resources is through Versus Battle. The loot that players get from Versus Battle will be from a Win Bonus and a 3x Win Bonus which players can get only once per day.

If players have won 3 battles already, then they won’t have any bonus loot from battling anymore. They can still battle though for extra Versus Trophies or just to simply practice. Continuous battling is the key and players shouldn’t be too worried about losing as they won’t lose any loot.

Building Is Necessary

This is one of the major changes in the Clash of Clans Base Builder update. Unlike in the first area that players can build in, players are required to build all available structures in the Base Builder’s island. They cannot upgrade the Builder’s Hall unless all the available structures and upgrades have been built already.

One of the structures that players should focus on building and upgrading first is the Clock Tower. With the Clock Tower, players can hasten all processes in the Base Builder island. This includes faster unit creation, resource regeneration and of course, faster structure building and upgrading time.

Gear Up!

The buildings in the Base Builder island are all pretty neat and useful. Luckily for players, the head of the island, the Master Builder, can visit the players’ original base to upgrade structures. For now, the only available upgrade is for the canon which gives players a double canon bonus with the help of the Master Builder. We can expect more structure upgrades in the future.

All Brawn

There will be no Spells in the Base Builder island. Players will have to rely on troops and their Special Abilities instead. Players should upgrade troops as soon as possible as the Special Abilities are unlocked after a troop reaches a certain level.

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