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Clash Of Clans Xmas Update: Ice Wizard, Freeze Trap, And More New Content Leaked!

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Clash of Clans Xmas Update

There are a few big things that came to Clash of Clans recently, with the December update finally going live for the game. There are a lot of new content that Village owners can get into with the new update. Supercell teased that there are three secret gifts still coming this month. It seems the gifts coming in the Clash of Clans Xmas update have been leaked ahead of the reveal already.

Ice Wizard

In the post detailing the December update in Clash of Clans, Supercell teased that there are three more gifts coming this month. One of the gifts might be the Ice Wizard. Redditor Chief BelkanYildiz shared a leak regarding the upcoming content for Clash of Clans. The Ice Wizard from Clash Royale is going to make its way into the game soon. The Ice Wizard will be a long-ranged unit capable of slowing down enemies.

Freeze Trap

Another new unit that players can get their hands into is a new trap. The Freeze Trap will be a Freeze Spell that gets activated when enemy units step on it. Like the Ice Wizard, the Freeze Trap will be able to slow down enemies but in a set radius, meaning it can slow down several enemies at once.

Santa?s Surprise

Another content coming soon is the new Santa?s Surprise spell. The spell will cause massive damage in a small radius. What?s even better is the spell will be able to damage both land and air units at the same time, so it can decimate any defending units.

We?ve yet to know when the gifts will be revealed. Everyone is excited to to know what the gifts in the Clash of Clans Xmas update, are but it?s likely that the items mentioned above are the contents of the leak. All that?s left to do now is wait for the actual reveal from Supercell.

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