Clash Of Clans Update: Tencent Acquisition Won’t Affect Supercell’s Game, Says Analysts

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Clash of Clans

Recently, Chinese company Tencent was confirmed to have bought 84 percent of Clash of Clans developer Supercell. Similar to League of Legends from Riot Games, Tencent may now have a say on the direction of Supercell?s growth due to its stake. However, financial analysts assure that it will only boost the game?s visibility in the market. Nevertheless, fans may be concerned about the game?s growth due to the ownership change of the company.

In Gamasutra?s report, analysts were asked about Tencent?s move of buying Supercell. Most of the analysts shared that Supercell games will only be more visible due to Tencent?s ownership. Tencent has been noted to buy majority of the stocks of Riot Games, which produced one of the largest eSports game in Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas: League of Legends. The move will reportedly only prove to be beneficial to both companies as Tencent is a major firm, and Supercell is still having major strides with Clash of Clans.

Currently, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are two of Supercell?s strong games. Clash of Clans still has a strong following, while Clash Royale is rising up in the app store rankings, similar to Supercell?s major game. Before the acquisition, Clash of Clans was already highly popular, so Tencent?s move is obviously a bonus for the analysts. However, acquisitions and ownership shifts aren?t always good news to the game?s consumers, namely its players.

In a gamer?s point of view, ownership shifts often mean changes in the game?s direction that heed the majority funder?s requests. Some of these requests have a potential to sidetrack the game?s growth and focus which could potentially ruin the game for its fanbase. However, Tencent allowed Riot Games to keep their control in developing League of Legends content, despite them owning the company.

According to analyst Serkan Toto, Supercell has a strong lead that even trumps Nintendo?s market cap of $20 billion. Tencent may just continue holding on both Riot Games and Supercell and let them develop their own content.

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