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Clash Of Clans Update Stream: TH11 Upgrades Showcased As Christmas Update Release Nears

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The launch for the major?Clash of Clans update is slowly approaching and fans are surely excited about it. Recently, the team from Supercell has showcased what’s in store for their avid fans in the next update.

The update stream showed what players can expect in the christmas update. The livestream showcased the balancing changes and additions to Town Hall 11 by having a live demo of village raids. A crisper and enhanced graphics have also been announced during the livestream. Apart from this, nothing much new was revealed.

What’s In The December Update?

First thing we can look forward to is the Town Hall 11 upgrades. There are several adjustments that can aid in combat attacking resilience. These include the likes of Hog Rider level 7, Barbarian King (levels 41-45), Archer Queens (levels 41-45) and Golem level 6.

The Clan Castle level 7 has a critical attack boost that allows your team to create larger Spells. More enemies?will be affected due to the increased radius of the Poison Spell. This will make the attack more There is also an increase in Witch?s damage output and hitpoints.

Other characters also had an increase in their attack speeds. These include Balloons, Dragons and P.E.K.K.A. attackers. Valkyries and Bowlers have also increased their attack speed.

There is also a new Wizard Tower level 10. This level boost will affect the tower’s hitpoints. There is also an upgrade with Wall level 12. TH11 now has only a maximum of 50 pieces in wall utility so better use them wisely.

There is still no news as to when the major?Clash of Clans update will be released. The game’s?official blog?has already listed all that’s coming in this Christmas update.

Aside from the above stated upgrades, there are several other updates to look forward to. These include upgrade discounts, updated friendly war challenges, clan mail tweaking and many more. You can check them out in the aforementioned blog.

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Lastly, three gifts are in store for fans as an add-on Christmas bonus. There is still no news on what these could be, so be vigilant and watch out for news regarding the Clash of Clans update.

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