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Clash Of Clans Update: New Mortar Changes And Other Features Fans Want

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Clash of Clans Update

The Clash of Clans update is coming with many new features, fixes and adjustments. The highly anticipated update from Supercell is coming in September, and it will bring much-needed changes. As the development team is back from their vacation, players are expecting new information regarding the update next month.

To maintain the balance without killing the fun, fans have suggested some changes and features they want to see in the next Clash of Clans update. A fan on Reddit suggests for Supercell to bring more powerful heroes that can perform well with big troops. To implement this change, the fan suggests making mortars stronger than usual.

According to a fan, mortars should prioritize troops that are clustered together. Fans also demand a new level of mortar with more damage capabilities. Improvements in wizard towers were also suggested by fans.

Fans also do not wish to see nerfs that make a troop weaker or stronger. People get upset when nerfs are implemented, making their favorite troops become weaker. Fans have also suggested some great fixes for the Clash of Clans update.

A staff member from Supercell has already confirmed that the new update might disappoint many players. With the new update, the way players use heroes would be changed. Players also want some balancing changes in the existing heroes and troops.

Supercell believes that fans may not like all the changes the developer is bringing, but fans hope that the update will not make them complain about the game anymore. Supercell has already confirmed that they are going to nerf miners and bowlers. Many fans do not appreciate the idea, while some players have suggested ways to stop people from misusing the troops.

Fans want strict penalties and rules in the game with the Clash of Clans update. They want the usage of miners and bowlers to be capped.

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