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Clash Of Clans Update: Balancing Changes You Can Expect Next Month

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Clash Of Clans Update

Supercell has confirmed what we can expect in the next Clash Of Clans update in the coming months. The updates will likely change the stats of characters in order to bring some balancing changes to the game.

According to a company representative, the upcoming Clash of Clans update will bring major changes and balancing fixes. Supercell Staff Anoushka said that the studio may not follow the same pattern in which they usually nerf the units that dominate the others. The company might change the HP or housing space for such units. Without giving any specific details about the upcoming update, Anoushka said that the company is planning to introduce ?a new sort of defence.?

Fans have already started speculating on the changes the upcoming updates will bring. Some fans suggest that the changes will apply to elements such as the bowlers and miners, which are expected to be balanced. Fans believe that Supercell might introduce some kind of penalty feature to stop people from using such resources too much.

As Supercell has confirmed the next Clash of Clans update, fans are expecting to see the balancing ?changes that they have been waiting for in the game. Many players agree that attacks and defense should be equal in strength.

Fans are also asking for limiting housing space for certain units, which was also hinted by the Supercell staff member. Other balancing changes suggested by fans include more damage by air strikes and restriction of Clan Castle troops at certain levels.

While many fans share the same sentiments, others do not want to see the changes in the upcoming updates. It would be interesting to see how Supercell manages to bring new balancing changes with the next Clash of Clans update without annoying fans and keeping the gameplay fair at the same time.

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