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Clash of Clans September Update: New clan challenge, Free gems, and Possible New Game Mode?

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The highly anticipated Clash of Clans update is finally coming this September. Millions of Clash of Clans fans all over the worlds have been waiting for this for ages. Clash of Clans developer, Supercell, is planning to release the update for the game in a bid to try and improve the game?s market share.


Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans was essentially an iconic titan in the mobile game industry. But with age and the rise of other great mobile games such as Pokemon GO, it?s inevitable that Clash of Clans would lose some of its player base.

The big upcoming updates is aiming to greatly improve the game?s gaming experience. Not to mention, it’s set to include a bunch of great additions such as free gems.

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In the official forum, the publisher has been flaunting the upcoming September update to be a big one. They also added that Arranged Wars and Clan Challenges are also progressing.

The only problem now is that the publisher still hasn?t exactly revealed just what the upcoming mode in the update will be for September.


Clan Challenge

The upcoming Clan Challenge feature will allow clans to essentially challenge any clan it wants. The clan that has issued a challenge will be able to edit the details of the challenge such as preparation days and the battle?s length.

It’s important to note that the Clan Challenge feature will not be replacing the existing Clan Wars feature. Supercell explained that they would both be exclusive from one another. Its also be revealed that clans cannot issue Clan Challenges while still engaging in a current Clan War.

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Many fans should love the new feature. The feature should be able to create more balanced matches since the players will be able to control the matches.

In addition to the new feature, a new mode is set for the game as well. Clash of Clans currently has just three game modes. These being; Single Player, Money Player, and Friendly Challenge.

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There haven?t been any announce on how the new mode will work but fans are still excited for it. Other than the new game feature and mode, many also believe that many improvements will be implemented on the current three modes.

One speculation running around right now is that Supercell plans to implement a reward system in the game. The new reward system would give players free mining.


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