Clash of Clans News: Supercell Doing Good These Days plus New Updates for the Game

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Clash of Clans is one of those games that people would either love to hate or hate to love. It?s an addicting pick-me-up game that provides a little space for bragging and good-mannered competition. The addictive element of it is certainly good for Supercell, who is in the spotlight in this report from Re/Code. Supercell is in a good spot these days, what with Clash of Clans performing well, aside from their other games which shares the same addictive aspect as the mobile game.

In the game, players are given the task of customizing their village and naming it, among other things. But what if players chose a name which doesn?t reflect their current standings among the ranks? According to Product Reviews? report, players won?t have to be stuck with a foolish name anymore. An update is coming that will provide the solution to all of that.

Just the Beginning for Supercell

Supercell?s tripled sales might be thanks in a huge part to games like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and Boom Beach.

According to Re/Code, the boom in sales was thanks in huge part to an increased surge in users playing their games. It isn?t hard to go pick up their games, especially since most of them are pick-me-ups which are easy to begin and harder to stop playing. Another addictive feature could be the story lines and features, which expands as updates are delivered to the games.

Supercell hopes that its games?designed to be something that people would play for a very long time?would help it continue to succeed in the future. It?s already avoided the fate of rivals Rovio and Zynga, both of which designed still-popular games but failed to create any new and viral content afterwards.

?Changing Names? feature coming soon

Some people, in their excitement, might have had problems with the naming feature in Clash of Clans. Instead of using War_Machine, they might?ve used Tar_Machine, or something else entirely that defeated their purpose.

This Product Reviews report is the bearer of good news, then. There might?ve been people asking Supercell for the feature to be able to change their name, and in a message Supercell posted on their site, they?ve made it clear that an update in the future will let users be able to change their handles for whatever reason.

Pretty soon, cute_charlie12345 will be able to change his name to Charlie-of-death315; only, Supercell didn?t mention how soon is ?soon?.

Supercell Dominant

Supercell is wary that fame is a fickle friend, and pretty soon, some new, addictive game could bump them off the radar. Looking at the past experiences of Rovio and Zynga has helped them keep their heads above the proverbial water, though, and Supercell hopes to be able to continue to do this in the near future.


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