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Civilization Revolution 2: A Look at the Newest Member of the Civilization Family

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We all have fond memories of playing Sid Meier?s Civilization. Each of us may have had our hands on one of its many incarnations one way or the other, but one thing is certain. Sid Meier?s Civilization title has produced a great many games that each are considered classics on their own. Now, a newcomer to the family is being introduced once again for mobile consumption. Smartphone owners, better get ready for Sid Meier?s Civilization Revolution 2.

The first Civilization Revolution was released last 2009, and this signaled the foray of the Civilization title into smartphones everywhere. This also meant that old school gamers and purists pining for a good game for the mobile crowd finally have their wish of a good Civilization game coming to smartphones. Being the second game in a series, Civilization Revolution 2 promises a lot of improvements based on what went wrong or was lacking in the first title. Improvements on visual, UI, and gameplay elements are noticeable.

However, considering that this is ported to the mobile gaming crowd, it is understandable when we say that there are some things lacking in this game title. Civilization Revolution 2 might be a great game, but it is a watered-down version of the great Civilization games we could enjoy on more powerful devices, like PCs. It may have its own challenges, but Civilization Revolution 2 promises that it can stand alone on its own. It boasts of giving unparalleled experience on playing a Civilization game on mobile.

The major improvements that Civilization Revolution received include graphical improvements, UI improvements, and gameplay. In the first game, gamers may have found the graphics lacking, the battles and troop movements devoid of any sense of action that Civilization games are so famous for. Now, Revolution 2 comes with full animated movements as the characters interact with the environment, a full improvement from the graphical scenes of the first version.

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Controlling your characters is?easier too, as you only need to highlight the character you want to move and double-tap the area where you want them to go. Cities are much more defined when selected, and descriptions of important details such as build orders and statistics are made simpler. However, it does have its shortcomings, although these can also be viewed as unique improvements.

The multiplayer function has been removed, due to the poor player count of the first Revolution title. While this may be a letdown for people so used to bashing others about their achievements in-game, this is a plus for people wanting a full-blast of the Civilization single-player experience. Another thing is that the worker system has been entirely revamped to give way to citizens being re-assigned as workers. While this is rather vexing for some, in contrast, it does present a challenge in-game. Before, you can be carefree about what and where you build, as long as you had workers and a full-functioning farm. Now, you really have to look out where you build. Low citizen count equals low worker count, and it does tend to stall the progress of your cities.

Other improvements in combat, controls, and resource gathering may make this into a hardcore Civilization title yet. While it does, in more ways than one, pale in comparison to the glitzier Civilization titles on more powerful devices, Civilization Revolution 2 does provide a successful transition into mobile devices, as well as improve upon elements which the first title was lacking.

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