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Civilization Beyond Earth: Vital Information That You Need To Know From Dramatic Sci-Fi Tech To Orbital Gun Platforms And More

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Civilazation: Beyond Earth is yet to be released but details and features about the game are already available. We will cover some of the vital information that your civilization will need if it is to survive beyond Earth.

Three Available Factions:

Beyond Earth will feature three factions or affinities that a player can choose. These factions are known as Harmony, Supremacy and Purity. Each affinity has its own way of doing things especially when they start colonizing an alien planet.

The Harmony faction will try to preserve the ecology of the planet if it is possible. They will adapt to the native environment and thrive. This faction?s territory will be large and will be highly mobile.

Members of the Supremacy will be heavily reliant on technology. Supremacists will excel in building advanced machineries that will include robotics and artificial intelligence.

The Purists on the other hand, will try to preserve the way of life they had on Earth. A planet colonized by them will be adapted to picture Earth?s living conditions. In order to protect their territory, the Purists will erect massive walls that are heavily defended by ground and orbital gun platforms.

New Worlds and Extreme Technologies

Beyond Earth also uses the hex based tiles just like in the previous Civilization series.

Each world will host a variety of animal and plant life that are unique, and the technology that a player will be using?to research, will depend on the affinity chosen.

Among the technology available are Human Augmentation and Cybernetics that will allow humans to leave their organic bodies.

Achieving victory is different among the factions. Harmony will achieve victory once they find out that the world they are living in, is actually alive. Both The Harmony and Purist faction will need to build a warpgate to go back in Earth. If you are Supremacist, the ideal victory is to send warships to conquer the home world. The Purist faction will likely fetch additional humans from Earth to settle on other worlds suitable for colonization.

Image Source:?Sid Meier’s Civilization

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