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Civilization 6 Update: Poland Civ And Vikings Scenario Added In 800MB Patch! First Look At Poland And What You Should Know

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Civilization 6 Update

Firaxis has released an 800 MB Civilization 6 patch today. However, the Civilization 6 update turned out to be an early holiday surprise as it includes Poland, the new playable Civilization, and two new scenarios. Here?s what we know so far about the new Civilization 6 update.

800MB Update

The Civilization 6 update just rolled out today. Since it isn?t 1GB large, the update could be considered as just another fix. However, the game?s DLC page lists the new Poland Civilization and Vikings scenario. It was also a surprise that these updates rolled out today.

New Civilization: Poland

As stated in Poland?s Civilization 6 first look video, Poland?s strong points is in expanding and pushing their religion. Poland has the Culture Bomb which was found in the previous version of Civilization 5 Great Artists. Culture Bombs allow Poland to expand their territory to other tiles and even steal it from other Civilizations. Additionally, cities that had their tiles stolen will automatically be converted to Poland?s religion. This gives Poland a strong gimmick and makes it an annoying neighbor. Poland can only trigger these Culture Bombs when they build an Encampment or Fort in their territory.

Poland also has the Winged Hussars as unique unit in the mid-game. Winged Hussars can push back enemy units if they hit harder than their enemy. The enemy unit receives extra damage if it cannot be pushed back. Easily, this allows Poland to have a strong tactical advantage as they can keep pushing units back and expand territory by building many forts. Wars can be won by just stealing tiles against other enemies and leaving cities with fewer tile yields to sustain itself.

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New Scenarios

Two new Scenarios called Jadwiga?s Legacy and ?Vikings, Raiders, and Traders? have also been implemented in the recent Civilization 6 update. Jadwiga?s Legacy pits three Polish empires to defend their countries from invaders in 60 turns. The player with the best score wins this scenario.

Meanwhile, the Vikings, Raiders, and Traders scenario will use Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish Vikings to conquer, trade and grow their civilization for the best score. The scenario lasts for 100 turns and players can consider conquering the cities of England and France while securing economic stability in their homeland through trade.

The Civilization 6 update for the Polish Civilization and the new scenarios for Poland and Vikings are only playable if you?purchase the premium DLC. These are all available at the onset if you own the game’s season pass.?

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