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Civilization 6 Update: New Features Firaxis Should Add

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Civilization 6 Update

Currently, Civilization 6 hasn?t received any major update as of now. Potentially, Firaxis may add some new features to add more depth and strategy to the game similar to Civilization 5. Meanwhile, 12 new achievements have been added to the game. Here?s some major features that Firaxis may add in the next Civilization 6 update.

More Water Tile Improvements

In the current build, players often want more land tile territory as they can build more districts and cities with it. In the latter part of the game, players can have a Casus Belli where they?ll wage war to secure more land for their Civilization through conquest. Players often rely on good land territory coverage as it mostly translates to high production potential in the late game which strongly secures victory. Meanwhile, players stuck with water tiles often stagnate due to limited improvements that can be done on water tiles.

Firaxis can add more water tile improvements to help players denied with land to get back into the game. Currently, Harbors, Fishing Boats, Wonders, and Offshore Platforms are the only water tile improvements that players can build. Most of these only provide food and gold, and Offshore Platforms are only accessible late in the game. Firaxis can actually try cities placed on the water tile near the coast to add more variety in placing cities for the land-deprived Civilizations.

Improved AI System

Currently, AI Civilizations are often stubborn toward their agenda and will often resort to hostility if you do not follow their wishes. Secondly, AIs also keep on being hostile to the player even if they?ve started the war and suffered losses in their failed conquest. All in all, AIs are often difficult to get along with and you always risk losing when faced against them. Perhaps, Firaxis may add a new agenda which allows players to swing the AI Civilizations to their favor even if they?re unhappy towards the player.

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New Achievements

According to torwei?s thread on the Civilization Reddit, 12 new achievements have been added to the game. Potentially, these achievements could be tied to an upcoming?Civilization 6 update. We?ll have to wait until Firaxis officially reveals these achievements and what they?re for.

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