Civilization 6 Update: Exploits Fixed In First Major Patch

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Civilization 6 update

Recently, a major Civilization 6 update rolled out which fixes bugs and includes in-game feature changes. Some of the game?s exploits were outright removed due to the Civilization 6 update. Here?s what we know so far about the fixed exploits?the major patch.

Selling Units Exploit gone

Previously, players could sell healthy or damaged military units and get refunded if they delete it from the game. However, players found an exploit where they could generate a large amount of gold through fast production and selling of units in the early game. Potentially, this breaks the game as players can keep using the exploited gold for maximum upgrades in their district.

In theCivilization 6 update?patch notes posted on Steam, players cannot ?sell? damaged units anymore and any unit deleted will not grant any Gold anymore. Effectively, this removes the Selling Units exploit. Mostly, Civilizations with early-mid game unique units like Scythia, Sumeria, and Greece can use these exploit to their advantage.

Last City Capture Penalty

Additionally, casually wiping out Civilizations to your advantage will now yield a heavy Warmonger penalty in the new Civilization 6 update. In the previous build, players can remove their neighbors in play to possibly keep a whole continent to themselves. Players with a large territory usually translates to a large potential in late game growth that other Civilizations might have difficulty contesting.

Additionally, removing other neighboring Civilizations eliminates chances of Surprise Wars especially if they?re AI Civilizations. Potentially, this may discourage players from playing offensively from the beginning or be content with taking cities from other Civilizations.

Ranged Unit Experience Exploit

In the previous build, players can keep shooting at a 1 HP city to continuously gain experience for their Ranged or Siege units. Potentially, players can have high level Ranged units if they do this early in the game. Usually, players need a melee or cavalry unit to conquer a city. In the recent update, ranged units do not gain any experience anymore from beating up a city. However, players can keep shooting at the city to prevent it from restoring HP if they?re still sending a melee unit to take it for good.

Additionally, the sound bug that makes the Narrator and Advisor NPCs talk fast have also been fixed. The Civilization 6 ?Fall 2016? update definitely helped improve the game despite not adding any major content at the moment. Stay updated with more Civilization 6 news here on TheBitBag.

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