Civilization 6 Update: What To Expect In First Major Patch

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Civilization 6 update

Currently, Civilization 6 fans are waiting for Firaxis to announce the game?s first major patch. Balance changes, tweaks, and a new playable Civilization could happen in the game?s next major update. Here?s what you can expect in the first major Civilization 6 update.

AI System Changes

The Civilization 6 AI Agenda system definitely works and allows players to understand AI Civilizations if they want to ally with them. However, AI Civilizations are often quick to enact their Agenda as you?ll get passive-aggressive remarks from them if they see you?re not meeting their standards. If left unattended, players or other Civilizations not meeting their agenda may soon be met with a denouncement.

Lastly, AI Civilizations don?t think twice about waging Surprise Wars against other Civilizations and the player if they see them with weak military. Players are encouraged to prepare a good amount of military units to defend and even launch a counter conquest for future security reasons. Most Civilizations are raring to go for wars. In short, most AI Civilizations in Civilization 6 are passive-aggressive opportunistic warlords. Firaxis may want to add variety to the plans of the AI Civilizations that?ll make them feel like worthy enemies or at least good neighbors.

Victory Focus

So far, most AI Civilizations rarely show any obvious or even interest in their preferred Victory. At best, Religious and Culture Victory seems to be their usual aims. At times, most AI Civilizations send a large group of Missionaries and Apostles to certain areas to convert them to their Religion. Players can stave off their advances with good defensive placement of Religious units, but these battles tend to get tedious. Meanwhile, some Civilizations often focus on stacking Tourism through Great Works. Culture Victory takes a lot of waiting and can be countered through good use of Spies.

AI Civilizations tend to go to war, but rarely do they show any tactical significance or Domination Victory focus to their actions. Their usual tactics often rely on sending too many units to their target Civilization?s borders. Usually, their cities are mostly defenseless for the player?s attacks if their all-out attack fails. Lastly, it?s rare for AIs to aim for the late game Science Victory. For now, it might be great if the next Civilization 6 update shows more obvious aims of other Civilizations towards certain Victories.

A New Civilization

For now, most of the current Civs have tile yield bonus through passives and unique improvements. The game may need more playable Civilizations with unique options like China?s Worker boosts to early game Wonder construction. Additionally, City State focus is downplayed in these first few Civs as Pericles of Greece only have obvious bonuses to City States. For now, we can only wait for Firaxis to introduce a new Civilization that?ll somehow fit the Civilization 6?s meta of territory use and tile management.

For now, Firaxis has yet to announce the next set of major updates. At worst, fans can expect the first set of Civilization 6 updates after the free release of the Aztec Civilization this coming January. Stay updated with more gaming news here on The BitBag.

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