Civilization 6 Update: Agenda Overhaul And Next Civ Tweaks Badly Needed In First Major Patch?

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Civilization 6 update

Currently, fans are waiting for the first large Civilization 6 update. Meanwhile, an Agenda system overhaul and the next Civilization must be included in the new update. Here?s why these additions are essential in the first major Civilization 6 update.

Agenda Overhaul

Currently, the game’s?Agenda system grants AI two particular conditions to like another Civ: one is a constant and a hidden Agenda that changes per game. The Agenda system does work as intended, but the AIs tend to be strict in enforcing their Agendas. If your Civilization does not match their Agenda, they tend to send the player some passive-aggressive lines to taunt and remind the player about their Agenda.

However, the AI tends to go overboard and repeat the reminder after a few turns and it could potentially escalate into a denouncement. This is extremely annoying especially when you?re already working on their Agenda but weren?t able to do it fast enough. Alternatively, passively improving your tiles sometimes nets you one of these passive-aggressive reminders. AI Civilizations tend to be irrational in enforcing their Agendas. In the next Civilization 6 update, it might be interesting for AI Civilizations to show different approaches other than passive-aggressive reminders and Surprise Wars to other Civs.

Next Civilization

Currently, most of the playable Civilizations are rewarding good expansive or diplomatic decisions. Unique passive bonuses circles mostly require territory space or good inter-Civilization relations to use successfully. Despite this, most of the current playable Civilizations often sport passives that encourage particular technology era strengths rather than overall advantage throughout the game. Potentially, Firaxis may want to introduce the next Civilization to have good passives that could be reliable throughout the game to let players enjoy the game in peace.


Alternatively, Civilization 6 could use varied AI Civilization choices when dealing with disliked Civilizations. Some AI Civilizations could rely on particular use of Espionage and building alliances against other Civs to topple them down. Currently, AI Civilizations often rely on rushing tactics with many Military units and leaving themselves open if you successfully ward off their advance. Players can proceed to take cities and refuse Peace Treaties they offer you until you remove them out of play.

Despite most Civilizations not hating you for defensively conquering cities, it?ll be great if the audience is forced to deal with another Civilization other than open warfare. It ?ll also be interesting if there?s some approach to take to make other Civilizations invite you to Joint Wars or just use Casus Belli system even more. For now, we can only wait for the?Civilization 6 update to see if there will be improvements to the current game system.?

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