Civilization 6: All Strong Macedon and Persia Tactics Shared On Livestream

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Source: CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Persia video

Recently, Firaxis showed the Civilization 6 Conquests of Alexander scenario on a Twitch livestream. The developers played the scenario and featured some of the strengths of Macedon and Persia. New world wonders have also been confirmed in this livestream.

Conquests of Alexander Livestream

The recent Civilization 6 livestream featured Alexander the Great’s scenario where he historically conquers a large part of Asia and Africa. More than showing a fast Domination Victory gameplay, the scenario featured some of the upcoming content along with Macedon and Persia DLC.

Macedon Strength

Fans on the Civilization 6 subreddit discussed some important Macedon and Persia stats that Firaxis stated during the livestream. Apparently, all of Macedon’s units heal up each time they conquer city with a world wonder. Previously, the First Look Macedon trailer confirmed that it gets extra bonuses according to the districts that the conquered city has.

Potentially, this all unit heal bonus from wonders is extremely strong in regular gameplay. This bonus will almost always encourage Macedon players to attack other Civilizations with early game Wonders. Due to this strong passive, Macedon can bully other Civs to avoid building Wonders if this is also in active in the normal matches.

Persia as a Conquest Civ

Apparently, fans also found that Persia’s surprise war movement bonus lasts ten turns and also applies to non-military units. Due to the improved movement, a large Persian army can pulverize poorly defended cities with cavalry and faster siege units. Both Persia and Macedon are definitely strong and imposing conquest powerhouses if they’re left unchecked.

New Wonders

More than showcasing the two new Civilization’s strengths, the Civilization 6 livestream also featured some new world wonders. Two new wonders have been confirmed in the scenario: the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and the Apadana. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus provides one Great Admiral upon completion and adds one bonus special ability charge for your future Great Admirals and Engineers. This wonder allows Wonder focused Civs to stay extremely strong in contesting wonder production with this in their possession.

Meanwhile, the Apadana can be built after unlocking the early game Political Philosophy Civic. This world wonder grants two envoys used to gain Suzerainty and other bonuses from City States. Additional wonders built in the same city as Apadana will also grant two more envoys for the owner’s use.

Macedon and Persia release date

Currently, Firaxis has yet to announce the release date for this upcoming DLC. The Macedon and Persia DLC will be available free for Digital Deluxe Edition players and will also available separately on the store. We’ll have to wait for more official announcements to finally play this game. As of the previous releases, Firaxis has surprised fans with both the Poland and Australia DLCs. The release date might be extremely near after this Civilization 6 scenario livestream

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