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Civilization 6: Three New Playable Civilizations From Africa And Southeast Asia Confirmed

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Civilization 6 DLC
Source: CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Kongo video

Firaxis has recently announced that three new playable Civilizations are coming soon. These new Civilizations will come from Africa and Southeast Asia. Firaxis hasn’t confirmed a release date and states that these DLCs will just appear on the download list, much like previous content releases and updates.

Firaxis Announcement About Digital Deluxe Edition

The developer made the announcement in a post addressing concerns regarding the high prices of the Digital Deluxe Edition. Apparently, the prices were too expensive in some regions which make the product less satisfying when DLCs fall short. To make it up to the fans, Firaxis aims to release these three new Civilizations in a span of two Civilization & Scenario packs.

New Civilization Information

So far, only few details about these three new playable Civilization 6 civs were revealed. Aside from revealing that these new Civilizations will come from Africa and Southeast Asia, Firaxis didn’t drop any hints or exact details further than their geographical origin.

African and Southeast Asian Civilizations in Civilization 6

As of the Macedon and Persia inclusion, Africa has already its fair share of Civilizations if you count some Mesopotamian Civilizations like Persia and Egypt under the region. However, other leaders similar to Mvemba a Nzinga have yet to be represented in this game. Strong African leader candidates would be The Zulu’s Shaka Zulu, Hannibal Barca, and South Africa’s Nelson Mandela.

Meanwhile, there are no Southeast Asian countries to play as in Civilization 6. The new updates may help represent that region up with some of the known leaders. Good candidates would be Siam’s Ramkhakhaeng, Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew, and at least one Southeast Asian country that’s barely been represented in a Civilization game.

Release Date

The Civilization 6 updates will be released in a span of “coming months”. It’s up to Firaxis if they’ll release the new Civilizations each month, in bundles, or in one go . All we know is that they’re going to surprise their fans again through by releasing new updates whenever they’re ready.

The previous Civilization 6 updates barely had any announcements and fans scurrying to update their game once a new DLC has arrived. On one point, it’s fun because fans never know what to expect but renders them unprepared if they can’t buy the new DLC. For now, we can only patiently and lovingly stare at our Civilization 6 DLC lists on Steam for these new DLCs. Firaxis also asks fans to check their Youtube channel as they hinted that these new DLCs may appear there first.

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