Civilization 6: Scythia Civilization And New Features Revealed

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Civilization 6

Recently, Firaxis revealed the Scythian Civilization in Civilization 6. This recently revealed Civilization is yet another early game Civilization that focuses on early military strength and early Faith lead with their unique building. Here?s what we know so far about the Scythian Civilization in the upcoming game.

According to the official Civilization 6 video, Queen Tomyris leads the Scythians in the upcoming game. Her Civilization?s unique passive allow her military units to deal extra damage to wounded enemies and heal up when they successfully defeat a unit. Additionally, building light cavalry will yield two units instead of one which may further amp up the Scythian Civilization?s early game military strength. Moreover, the Scythian unique units do not need a military resource which makes them a strong and convenient unit to use. Easily, the Scythian Civilization is a strong early game threat if they opt for an early Domination Victory plan and still a tough foe in the late game due to Queen Tomyris? passive.

In Civilization 5, Scythia wasn?t a playable Civilization and their unique passive belongs to Civilization 5 Aztec unique unit, Jaguar. The Aztecs in Civilization 6 now focus on early game builders if they continuously defeat enemy units instead of culture bonuses per kill. Units that can sustain themselves with quick heals are definitely valuable in Civilization games as units take a separate turn to attack, retreat, or heal up. The Scythians will definitely be able to steamroll other Civilizations that have weakened defenders due to their unique passive.

As an NPC Civilization, the Scythian?s agenda in the game is they will attack the Civilization that declares a surprise war against another Civilization. Despite this agenda, the Scythian Civilization?s bonus damage against wounded units makes them a strong Civilization to employ such tactic among others. If you?re planning for a Domination Victory with the Scythians around, make sure that you aren?t the one starting the wars so you have one less Civilization to worry about in the game. Along with America, waging a battle carelessly in the match may turn it into a chaotic world war instead. Stay updated on Civilization 6 news here on TheBitBag.

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