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Civilization 6 Poland Culture Bombs Extremely Weak Compared To Past Civ Games

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Civilization 6 Poland

Firaxis released the new Poland Civilization for Civilization 6 this December 20. The new playable Civilization reintroduces Civilization 5?s ?Culture Bombs? to the newer entry and allows Poland to take even territories already owned by other Civilizations. However, Civilization 6 Poland Culture Bombs aren?t as reliable as their Civilization 5 counterparts. Here?s why Poland?s Culture Bombs are weaker in Civilization 6.

Culture Bombs

Before the expansions in Civilization 5, Great Artists have the Culture Bomb ability to extend their border further. When used near your border, the Culture Bomb will convert non-controlled territory tiles akin the size of a starting territory of a newly settled city. The Culture Bomb isn?t only used to extend borders beyond the usual city limits but also to steal tiles from other Civilizations. Some strategic and luxury resources can be stolen using this feature. If stocked and used carefully enough, players can actually force another Civilization?s city to lose important tiles and stagnate. This feature was one of the strongest tools a player can use to get an advantage in Civilization 5. However, this tool is unique to Civilization 6 Poland.

Weaker Than Its Predecessors

Despite having a promising gameplay based from Civilization 5, Civilization 6 Poland Culture Bombs are actually weaker than its predecessor. According to FirebugRM?s thread on the Civilization subreddit, Poland?s Culture Bombs can only be maximized within the city?s range of workable tiles. Trying to Culture Bomb beyond its workable borders may be of little to no use to you. This means that playing as Poland won?t always mean that you can bully your neighbors by taking their tiles with Encampments and Forts. Culture Bombing to victory is difficult to pull off with Civilization 6 Poland.

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Counterplay Possible

If you?re playing against Poland, they may try to take your tiles if they?re near your cities. However, Civilization 6 Poland Culture Bombs cannot take finished Districts and Wonders off your tiles. If you can line up a good set of Districts and Wonders near each other, you can set up a wall to prevent Poland from stealing tiles from you. However, Poland can still steal your tiles if you have unfinished District and Wonder, so stay focused when guarding. In the end, Poland Culture Bombing is not absolute as long as you place your Districts and Wonders right.

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