Civilization 6: Next First-Look Video After France Coming Soon

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Civilization 6 fans are on an uproar on Reddit due to the missing First Look trailer expected today. However, Firaxis has reaffirmed that it is coming soon, and the company expressed its appreciation for the fan interest in the game. Previously, France was revealed as the most recent Civilization in the game. Here?s what we know so far about this issue.

As seen on darokrithia?s thread on the Civilization Reddit, many fans voiced their frustration using the game?s template for starting an open conflict. The official Civilization 6 social media handlers on Twitter and YouTube usually release new reveals for the game every week. After the China and Aztec reveals last week, which had a two-day release gap, fans were expecting the next Civilization after France to be revealed today.

Despite the lack of reveals, the official Civilization 6 Twitter has acknowledged fans? interest in their content. Additionally, the official Civilization 6 Facebook page has gone slightly active in responding to the comments on their recent posts. However, none of the replies directly hinted at the next Civilization in the game, unless they?re implying that it is strong in Diplomacy or has diplomatic bonuses by default.

As seen in the video, Civilization 6?s France is a mid-game Civilization that relies on improved mid-game units, Wonder building bonuses, and espionage perks. This is entirely different from Napoleon Bonaparte?s France in Civilization 5 which promised an improved Culture gain with Chateaus starting from mid-game and theming bonuses for Tourism. Much of that gameplay is retained in the upcoming game, but with more emphasis now on the mid-game strength and espionage to discreetly monitor other Civilization activities.

Currently, there are still more prominent mainstay Civilizations that haven?t been revealed in the game like Greece, Rome, Germany and India. Civilization 6 still doesn?t have a Civilization that focuses on taking care of City States for improved bonuses or a consistently strong military force throughout the game. Additionally, the Civilization that gives out perpetually balanced tile yields may also be introduced in the game soon. The game?s focus on carefully allocating land to control your Civilization?s growth will definitely make this game a different experience from the previous entries.

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