Civilization 6: New Religious Victory And New Conditions Revealed

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In a recent Civilization 6 gameplay showcase, fans discovered a new type of victory called the ?Religious Victory?. The exact win conditions weren?t revealed, but players were able to find other systems that may link to this kind of victory. Here?s what we know so far about the Religious Victory in the game.

Victory reworks

The Civilization Reddit has confirmed the Religious Victory in the Civilization series. Science, Culture and Domination Victory have made it in Civilization 6. However, the Diplomatic Victory from Civilization 5 didn?t make the cut. It?s possible that the Religious Victory may have taken its place where its Victory Condition relies on controlling good relationships with many City States in the game. With this confirmation, Civilization 6?s Japan may have an alternative edge through its new Religion-focused passives rather than its reliable military throughout the whole game.

Civilization players on Reddit also found more details about the Religious Victory through a recent Firaxis livestream of Civilization 6. Fans discovered the ?Monastic Isolation? status and the Religion Lens feature which lean toward this Victory. Religion may actually be a more interesting and game-changing system if it has unique buffs and a menu filter of its own.

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In Civilization 5, Religion was mostly a minor, bonus-focused system that could benefit every player with tile yields, extra military strength, Great Person generation, and even City State influence control. Religion influence can be spread and overwritten by competing Religions to yield benefits for the agenda of the Religion owners. If Religion actually triggers a victory, this could be the early-game substitute of World Congress where players engage in indirect conflict and contest of key locations for their advantage.

When you have many followers in your Religion, successfully proposing it to become the ?World Religion? can net you a Tourism Boost for a Culture Victory. However, this tactic needs major effort as players will not approve of this proposal to avoid triggering an enemy Culture Victory under their noses. Perhaps Firaxis intended to design the Civilization 6 Religion system to be the victory threat itself rather than being a universal supplement for players to enjoy.

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