Civilization 6 Misses E3 2017

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Source: CIVILIZATION VI Launch Trailer video

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 didn’t appear in the PC Gaming Show this E3 2017. Firaxis did show up but only talked about the new XCOM 2 expansion. When will we see the next Civilization 6 update announcement?

No Show on PC Gaming Show

Any Civilization 6 major announcements weren’t heard from the recent PC Gaming Show on the second day of E3 2017. Firaxis only announced the new XCOM 2 “War of the Chosen” DLC release for August. Fans have already been waiting for the next playable Civilization announcement as the previous update happened last March. For now, fans will have to wait until Firaxis talks about Civilization 6 in an announcement or livestream soon.

Other Shows For Appearances

Aside from the PC Gaming Show, Firaxis doesn’t have any live stream shows that’ll feature them. The remaining shows for the second and third day are console shows, which makes it unlikely for another Firaxis appearance. XCOM 2 is playable on consoles but they’ve already announced the expansion on the PC Gaming Show. It’ll be safe to say that a large Civilization 6 reveal won’t happen for the remainder of E3.

New Civilization

Firaxis has previously announced on the Civilization 6 site that they’ll release new playable African and Southeast Asian Civilizations in the next update. However, release dates or even their picks for the next playable Civilizations haven’t even been revealed yet. The current playable Civilization roster has a few African-based Civilizations and no Southeast Asian Civilizations at the moment.

Upcoming Release Date

While Firaxis has yet to announce a Civilization 6 release date for the next DLC, Aspyr Media has confirmed that the next update should be launched around July. However, Aspyr Media is only connected to Civilization 6 as they’re the company that ports and handles the game to the Mac and Linux platform. It’s unknown if this is true as Firaxis really isn’t talking and barely posting content announcements on their Facebook and Twitter as of late.

All previous Civilization 6 releases were still surprising even though they were announced beforehand. Australia, Macedon, and Persia got their release windows confirmed but they were still added to the DLC lists without prior announcement on their social media first. The Poland update even blindsided the fans as they just found their Steam clients updating with a large Civilization 6 content. If no announcements come up, we might just find the next Civilization 6 update just appearing on our Steam clients soon.

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