Civilization 6 Macedon Guide: Effectively Use The New Leader

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Source: CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Macedon video

Recently, Macedon’s inclusion in Civilization 6 allowed fans to play as Alexander the Great again. Macedon’s passives and unique units lean on early game military domination. However, this new Civilization has a glaring weakness that can delay his conquest.

Civilization 6 Macedon

Civilization 6’s Macedon has more unique productions more than unique passives. Macedon replaces the Swordsman and Horseman with their own unique unit that has improved damage and Great General production than the regular military unit. Lastly, the Basilikoi Paides replaces the Barracks and allows Macedon to generate Science when producing non-military units. Overall, Macedon allows players to utilize an early game military and have enough Science to unlock technology needed to access them.

Strong Early Game Military

Civilization players are all familiar of the Horseman Rush tactic where players take cities through armies of Horsemen during early game. Horsemen have a large tile mobility and good strength to plow through early game units. Macedon further boosts that tactic through replacing the Horsemen unit with their own unique unit, the Hetairoi, which are stronger.

Great General Steamroll

These unique units also generate more Great General points which can produce the Great Person unit that buffs military units around him. The Hetairoi also has a unique passive that allows them to get stronger when a Great General is near which makes them difficult to fight. Lastly, the Hypaspist are generally stronger than the regular Swordsman. Macedon’s strength is annoyingly strong in the early game and the Civilization’s passives allow its cities to be stable and thrive in conquest rather than destroy its growth.


Even with Macedon’s early game military strength, this Civilization has its weaknesses. Players will need to be fast on unlocking technologies to get their conquest tools ready as soon as possible. Macedon will have a hard time conquering Civilizations with better units and defenses than them. Additionally, waging war as early as Ancient Era may also help to mitigate the Warmonger penalties for conquest attempts. Macedon is only safe from its citizens doing worse and other penalties still apply.

Lastly, Macedon suffers if they don’t have any neighbors to conquer. It doesn’t help if Macedon needs to cross oceans just to find a city to take. They can’t avail of their passives which rely on taking cities and going to war with other Civilizations or City States. Oceans forces Macedon to unlock the Renaissance Era technology Cartography first which means most of early game is already over. This forces Macedon to be a Science focused Civ with the Basilikoi Paides and Campus bonuses until they can find an opportunity to strike at the late game.

All in all, Macedon is a grounded superpower that shines really early and is troubled late game if they have bad diplomacy due to their conquests early on. Stay updated with more Civilization 6 news and guides here on The Bitbag.

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