Civilization 6 Mac Spring Update In Mid-April; Cross-Platform Play, New Content, And What You Need To Know

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Civilization 6 Mac Spring update
Source: CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Persia trailer

Aspyr Media previously tweeted that the Civilization 6 Mac Spring update will arrive this mid-April. The Civilization 6 cross-platform feature has been solely confirmed on the announcement. However, Aspyr Media has long confirmed that the cross-platform will only work once every platform runs on the same build.

Civilization 6 Mac Spring Update

The official Aspyr Media Twitter confirmed that the cross-platform feature will return this mid-April.  Aspyr Media promises for the cross-platform feature to return on the said date. Aspyr didn’t announce any other details for the Civilization 6 Mac and Linux update outside its release window. Fans just need to wait at least two weeks to receive the Spring update 2017.

Spring Update 2017 Patch Notes

As seen on SamBC’s thread on the Civilization 6 Steam Discussion forums, the Spring 2017 update brings some general gameplay changes. The Spring 2017 update has gameplay tweaks such as the Warmonger penalty adjustments and nerfed damage output to select military units. The update also improves the AI Civilizations to increase their chances in repairing pillaged tiles. Overall, Civilization 6 Mac players need this update to play with PC and Linux players again.

Macedon and Persia

The two new Civilizations, Macedon and Persia, are also needed to be in the Civilization 6 Mac build to allow cross-platform play. Macedon is an early game military superpower, but suffers greatly without other Civilizations to go to war with. Meanwhile, Persia has lasting financial strength, strong growth, and has the means to preemptively defend or cripple other Civilizations to gain the upperhand. Overall, the two new playable Civilizations are annoying to deal with in the early game and are highly susceptible to be removed first if in play.

Two Civilizations with strong Domination Victory potential has been put in play as of this update. Potentially, we’ll receive a more straightforward Culture or Science-focused Civilization in the next update

Civilization 6 so far

Currently, Civilization 6 doesn’t have any other teased, announced, or revealed content lined up after the Double Civ Pack update. Players will just have to wait for more announcements to see the next playable Civilization. Firaxis seems to focus on representing Civilizations that haven’t had a chance to be playable in the series yet. Lastly, we’ll have to wait for the day that the Civilization 6 Mac, Linux and PC versions to be updated. Stay updated with more Civilization 6 news here on The BitBag.

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