Civilization 6 Mac: Fall Update Coming ‘In The Near Future’, Says Aspyr

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Civilization 6 Mac

The Civilization 6 Fall 2016 update on Steam and Windows contains major updates that balances and removes exploits off the game?s release build. However, Aspyr Media can?t give a definite release date for the Civilization 6 Mac Fall 2016 update. Here?s what we know so far about the indefinite Fall 2016 update release date for the Mac.

Uncertain Release Date

They said the Fall update?on Mac will come out in the??near future?. For now, Aspyr Media can?t give an exact release date of the Fall 2016 update for the Civilization 6 Mac version.

No Cross Platform Play

As previously stated on the Aspyr FAQ, Civilization 6 Mac players?on Steam won?t be able to play cross-platform features at the moment. Both the Windows and Mac builds must be the same for cross-play to be possible. Friends seeking to cross-play may have to wait for the Civilization 6 Mac patch to play soon. Mac players still don?t have the multiplayer functionality at the moment.

Fall 2016 update

More than just introducing changes and nerfs in the new update, Firaxis also fixed some of the game?s exploits off the game?s build through tweaks. Players will not earn Gold anymore if they delete units off the game for refunds or gold farming tactics. Additionally, players won?t be able to delete damaged units. Additionally, Firaxis also removed the Ranged and Siege unit experience exploit where players could continue firing at a district with 0 HP and gain highly upgraded units in the early game.

For now, Civilization 6 Mac players will have to wait for a while if they want this Fall 2016 update changes in their game. Potentially, the earliest update window could be this December or when the Aztec Civilization becomes free in January. Stay updated with more gaming news?here on TheBitBag.

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