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Civilization 6 Mac DLC: Poland Civ And Winter Update Not Coming Anytime Soon

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Civilization 6 Mac

Recently, Aspyr Media announced that there will no Civilization 6 Mac DLC updates for the ?Winter 2016 update? until after the holidays. The Winter 2016 update contains the new Poland Civilization, Viking scenarios, and some new Wonders in the game. Here?s what we know so far about why the Civilization 6 Mac DLC news won?t come in after early January.

Aspyr Media Explains

According to Aspyr Media?s tweet, there won?t be any news about the Civilization 6 Mac DLC for the Winter 2016 update up until after the holidays. Mac Players won?t be receiving any updates when will the Winter update will be implemented in their Civilization 6 version. In an answer to @michaeltmcguire?s question, Aspyr Media may have to sweep for problems for weeks or even a few months depending on the problems they?ll find.

No Latest Content

Due to this, Civilization 6 Mac DLC won?t happen this month and leave its players behind the PC version again. The recent Winter 2016 Update contained Jadwiga, the Polish Civilization, Viking scenarios, and new City States and Natural Wonders.

Poland is the only Civilization that can do the Civilization 5 Culture Bomb in Civilization 6 which allows them to extend and even steal territory in the match. Jadwiga as a Polish leader allows her to convert Culture Bombed cities to Poland?s main religion which makes the Civilization a expansive and religious powerhouse.

Meanwhile, the Viking scenarios pit the player in limited turn modes where players live out to more constrained rules to score the best in the game. More than just adding these scenarios, the DLC actually hold new City States and Natural Wonders that grant unique bonuses in the game. At best, Mac players will have to wait for the Civilization 6 Mac DLC release before they can play these content.

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No Crossplay Again

As the PC and Mac builds are mismatched in content, crossplay between the platforms will now be on halt. It won?t be until Aspyr Media releases the Civilization 6 Mac DLC for the Winter 2016 update which is after they assess the update for the Mac build. At best, this will be weeks of waiting for Civilization 6 Mac players.

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