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Civilization 6 On Linux Coming Soon, Penguin Infestation At Aspyr Media’s Office

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Civilization 6 on Linux

Edgy Linux fans may get hyped as Civilization 6 on Linux has just been announced. In addition, it is also making its way into Steam’s own SteamOS.

Until now, Linux gamers have been asking numerous game developers to bring their games to Linux. And it appears that Civilization 6 is by far the most requested game by the Linux community. On the positive side, their wait is finally over as Aspyr Media finally made a Linux port.

Civilization 6 on Linux

According to Aspyr Media’s vice president of publishing Elizabeth Howard, the Linux community is very eager. They inquired daily asking for Sid Meier’s Civilization 6. Given that they’ve finally decided to bring the game to Linux, Howard stated that they’ve received multiple tokens of gratitude.

Specifically, they received twelve dozen warm chocolate chip cookies. In addition to sweets, they also received a lot of squishy Linux penguin stuffed toys for their entire office. As can be seen in the tweet below, Aspyr Media thanked the Linux community and put up a #Fanlove #Linux hashtags.

Other Civilization News: Winter Update

Civilization 6 on LinuxQuiruben Dela Cruz | The Bitbag

Last month, Firaxis released the first new content for the latest Civilization game quietly. The said content dubbed “Winter update” adds a new Civ and some scenarios. Furthermore, the new Civ called Poland works great for players who prefer to take the more direct and literal approach.

In addition, its unique building is also simple, which gives the player more gold and production. Meanwhile, its unique unit just bulldozes enemy units. In addition, the culture tomb appears to be making its return.

Hence, Polish players can now be able to build forts. These ports can push national borders back which is kind of game-breaking on smaller maps. Furthermore, Winter Update’s other selling point was the addition of two major scenarios.

One of the scenarios is based on the Ottoman invasion of Central Europe, while the other is based on the Vikings. Linux players are going to be excited about getting their hands on Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 and its new updates.

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