Civilization 6 Leaders List: All Rulers, Alternate Leaders, And What We Know So Far

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Civilization 6

Civilization 6?s release date is just two months away. Soon players can start trying their hand at the new Civilization features, leaders, and systems. Additionally, Civilization 6?s devs have also leaked the game?s unannounced leaders and also the possibility of alternate leaders in the game. Here?s what we know so far about the upcoming Civilization 6 additions.

All Leaders

In a Civilization 6 livestream last Gamescom 2016, the game?s developers opened the Civilopedia to showcase it to the game?s fans. However, the fans keenly observed when they scrolled on the leaders tab and inadvertently leaked the upcoming leaders that will be implemented in the game. Leaders like Pericles and Gilgamesh were confirmed in the game but are yet to be revealed in a First Look trailer. Here?s a full list so far according to the Civilization Reddit:

  • Catherine De Medici – France
  • Cleopatra – Egypt
  • Frederick Barbarossa – Germany
  • Gandhi – India
  • Gilgamesh – Sumeria
  • Gorgo – Greece(Sparta)
  • Harald Hardrada – Norway
  • Hojo Tokimune – Japan
  • Montezuma – Aztecs
  • Mvemba a Nzinga(Afonso I) – Kongo
  • Pedro II – Brazil
  • Pericles – Greece(Athens)
  • Peter – Russia
  • Phillip II – Spain
  • Qin Shi Huang – China
  • Saladin – Arabia
  • Theodore Roosevelt – America
  • Tomyris – Scythia
  • Trajan – Rome
  • Queen Victoria – England

For now, players have to wait for these leaders to be implemented in the game, if they do not get cancelled.

Alternate Leaders

Adding to the leaked leaders, it was also noticed that some leaders are from the same country like Gorgo and Pericles. Gorgo is known to be the wife of Leonidas from Sparta. Meanwhile, Pericles is a known Athenian general. Civilization 6 leaders may be interchangeable so they?ll have a different set of unique passives and units in the game. However, Firaxis can also easily implement both leaders in separate Greek Civilizations like a Spartan Greece and Athenian Greece.

Unique Features

Civilization 6 also has unique features like envoys, districts, and gameplay meta which separate itself from other Civilization entries. Some Civilization 6 leaders even have unique passives that improve their effectiveness upon use. For example, Germany in Civilization 6 has district-focused unique bonuses that allow them to be a strong Civilization when it comes to production yields. Additionally, Spain may actually be a strong Civilization toward the new Religious victory due to their Faith- and Religion-focused unique passives.

Sid Meier?s Civilization 6 will be released this coming October 21. If you?re hyped about the upcoming game, it also has a 25th Anniversary edition. However, there are limited stocks for preorder, so be sure to snag them as soon as possible to secure the game, an early pre-order bonus, and other Civilization 6 physical goods.

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