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Civilization 6 Guide: How To Win The Game Early

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Civilization 6 has changed and its features can be confusing even for veteran players. It is no longer the same game that it was before. So if you wish to win the game early, here are some helpful tips and tricks you need to know.

Build Your Army

First and foremost, you need to build up your army. Unlike in Civ 5, workers are now builders in the updated game. Its standing army is one of the most notable differences with Civ 6. Workers take turns when improving tile.

Builders work differently as they are able to build and improve almost instantly. This is exactly the reason why you need to build up your army first. This trick will make scouting the city easier with your scout and warrior.

Build Your First City Near The Ocean

Choosing the location for your first city is important. The best location to build your first city is near the ocean or river. This will help boost population growth for your city.

Another important factor in choosing a location to build your first city is its supply of healthy food. Choose grid with corns and gears. These are the resources that can help you build your assignments much easier and faster.


The good news is rapid expansions are allowed in Civ 6. So forget your old ways in Civ 5 and expand aggressively this time. Aim at having three or more cities built by having a turn 60, turn 70 or even turn 100.

Choose Your Leader Wisely

With Civ 6, you can choose from 20 different leaders. Each one of them is dependent on your play style. Science victory is the best way to start for those who are new to the game. According to gaming news, Religion is likely to make you enter into war and Culture is the trickiest victory to enter into.

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