Civilization 6 Gamescom 2016 Livestream: All New Announcements So Far From Firaxis

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Recently, Civilization 6 had a livestream that revealed more features of the upcoming game. Despite not achieving the victory condition fully, systems that support the Religious Victory were confirmed in the stream. Additionally, there?s another Civilization 6 livestream coming at Gamescom 2016. Here?s what we know so far.

More Religious Victory systems

As seen in IGN?s Developer Interview video, more units and systems linked to Religious Victory were revealed in attaining the winning conditions through Civilization 6 Faith. Apostles are technically better Missionaries with improved mobility and conversion strength. Additionally, Apostles can engage in ?theological combat against units of other religions.? Normally, Military units can easily capture Missionary units, so this feature must be for defending cities from other influencing religions.

In Civilization 5, players had limited choices outside capturing the unit if a Missionary, Inquisitor, or Great Prophet gets near their city. To counteract any unfavorable Religion conversions, players could opt to block all sides of the city with their own units to prevent them from getting near. With this system, defending your city?s faith may look a little more appropriate in Civilization 6.

Additionally, players can now rely on an ?Escort System? to tie units together and move in unison toward a position. This makes accompanying your non-combative units easier to stack with your military instead of moving them separately like in Civilization 5.

Frederick Barbarossa and Germany

Frederick Barbarossa and the German Civilization have also been showcased in the IGN Gamespot 2016 video. According to its First Look Trailer, Germany is focused on production and district-focused bonuses. Due to this Civilization?s well-rounded bonuses, Germany can compete for any Victory and could remain a steady competitor in Civilization progress if left alone.

Next Gamescom 2016 trailer

As seen on their official tweet, Firaxis will hold a livestream featuring the German Civilization this coming August 18. The stream will start at 11 am Pacific Time, 2 pm Eastern Time, or 8 pm Central Eastern Time. Despite already summarizing Germany?s unique passives, buildings, and units in the First Look trailer, Firaxis and the Civilization 6 developers may announce more info about the new Religious Victory, the next playable Civilization or new systems in the game.

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