Civilization 6: Game Focuses on Adjacency Bonuses and Return of Government Systems

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Civilization 6

Civilization 6?s Lead Designer Ed Beach has revealed in an interview the game?s design focus on Adjacency bonuses. More than the exploration-focused build of the game, Beach further stressed the system?s balance on heavy micromanagement of land tiles and defending your cities from your enemies. Additionally, the Government systems present in older Civilization entries return in Civilization 6. Here?s the Ed Beach interview from Gamereactor.

According to Beach, the adjacency system was present back in Civilization 5, but they couldn?t make it a main feature due to the game?s gameplay mechanics at the time. In Civilization 6, Beach reiterates the importance of land tile for continued infrastructure improvements and prevented players from all-around producing cities due to the infrastructure limitations subtly imposed by the new system.

Players will have to plan ahead on building their cities, strategically demolish existing improvements and leave tiles empty to fit in city growth, wonder bonuses, and defenses. The Adjacency system of the upcoming game will not only provide bonuses to players strategically taking advantage of better infrastructure placement but also limit the wonder building race from just a measure of production speeds. Wonders are particular and must be built on certain surrounding tiles to build.

The Civilization 5 Adjacency tile improvements can be seen in Incas Terrace Farm and France?s Chateau tile improvements. The Incan Terrace Farms can net bonuses and make Mountain territory ideal for the Civilization due to its bonus Food points for every Mountain tile adjacent to the improvement. Meanwhile, the Chateau can only be built on an owned adjacent tile near an improved Luxury resource, and it provides an early Culture boost for its owners. Players who?ve mainly played these Civilization 5 nations with particular building conditions may be comfortable with the upcoming systems in the new game.

Civilization 6

Lastly, the Government systems have been confirmed in Civilization 6. This system was absent in Civilization 5, and most of the known government forms are social policies that could be stacked with each other. Technically, your leader could be a President King if you?ve researched both Monarchy and Democracy or Freedom Ideology in your Civilization 5 playthrough. ?Additionally, the different government types may also alter the Civic card limits in Civilization 6. Meanwhile, Beach confirmed that players could switch governments on the fly to fit their Civilization?s continuously changing foci such as city growth or warfare bonuses.

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