Civilization 6: Firaxis Reveals How They Choose Leaders

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In a recent interview, Civilization 6 senior producer Dennis Shirk talked about how they pick leaders in the upcoming game. Shirk confirmed that it?s a matter of how the leader?s mindset and actions fit in the game rather than choosing the best known country leader of all time. This actually helps them balance out the game and control specific distribution of Civilizations toward specific playstyles. Additionally, Firaxis will have an official livestream ?tomorrow which might provide a recap of its E3 reveals and possibly new set of content for the game again.

In a GameSpot interview, Shirk confirmed that they favor a known historical leader?s personality. This allows Firaxis to add more Civilizations and correctly balance out the game?s playable cast according to certain playstyles and still hit their historical person quota.

As testament to the Civilization 6 design choice, Theodore Roosevelt?s Big Stick Diplomacy and Cleopatra?s Queen of the Nile in-game agendas correctly mirror some of their historical counterparts. Roosevelt?s big stick diplomacy often focused on discussing matters with other countries while keeping a strong military force in tow. Additionally, Civilization 6?s Roosevelt fights with the Civilizations that start a war in their continent. Meanwhile, Egypt?s Cleopatra will side with Civilizations that has large military forces.

Shirk also confirmed that you can discover their agendas through the AI?s playstyle and even use them to your advantage. Players can manipulate these agendas into forcing AI Civilizations into going to war such as provoking China by building many wonders and have America come rushing in to defend you if they?re in the same continent as you. This improves the immersion of the player in grasping a readable playstyle out of these Civilizations and allows him to plan accordingly to win faster. This system is entirely handy in higher single player difficulties as it allows a window of opportunity for taking the advantage while the AIs are busy shifting their priorities and fighting amongst themselves.

Due to Shirk?s reveal about picking country leaders in Civilization 6, history books and autobiographies may help in guessing the leader?s agenda. Since Firaxis focuses on leader personality rather than recorded overall leader efficiency, fans may enjoy reading up on their history to correctly speculate and prepare for the new leader?s unique units and passive for their country in Civilization 6.

Meanwhile, as mentioned by Firaxis producer Pete Murray on the Civilization Reddit, the Civilization 6 livestream will happen tomorrow at 11 AM Pacific/2pm Eastern/8pm central Europe on their Twitch channel.

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