Civilization 6 At E3 2016: Live Stream Demo, Gameplay Showcase, And More

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Civilization 6

During PC Gaming?s E3 show, Civilization 6 made a brief appearance with its old trailer, but nothing else was discussed about the game. However, the game has confirmed appearances on other shows, so there?s still a chance for the developers to explain its new set of playable Civilizations and gameplay systems. The game will be released on October 21.

According to Gematsu, Civilization 6 will appear on the Gamespot show floor on June 14 at 3 pm PDT and on the IGN show floor on June 15 at 1:40 pm PDT. Nobody knows yet what Firaxis will announce and present on both shows. Due to its limited, 20-minute appearance, Firaxis or the presenters may make brief but packed and informative announcements or present gameplays to maximize the short time.

Currently, the official Civilization Twitter account promises to update players with more info when the developers discuss the game at E3. It?ll be best to monitor both their livestream for hot info about the game?s systems as well as their Twitter feed for official updates on Civilization 6 content. Most of the game?s content, such as the exact beneficial differences of the new Science and ?Civic? tech tree systems, haven?t been explained yet, so fans still have a lot of questions that need to be answered in this event.

The latest announcement from the game?s official site is the new City State and Envoy system. This new system can motivate players in actively pursuing the allegiance of a certain City State for its bonuses instead of opting for another city with the same bonuses. Players will also have an active competition for that City State?s favor in the Envoy system, as it will take produced units instead of money for City States to choose your nation. The previous City State diplomacy system lets commerce-heavy, defensive players to seize diplomatic control of every City State by paying gold. Getting each City State to become your ally means you?ll have bonus tile yields for your Civilization and more votes for world resolutions and even a Diplomatic Victory.

After the appearance of Civilization 6 at E3, there?s bound to be new content available on the game?s official site and social media accounts. For now, we?ll just have to wait for the game?s other appearances in the event.

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