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Civilization 6: Double Civ Pack Encourages Warfare and Villainous Playstyles

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Civilization 6
Source: CIVILIZATION VI – First Look: Macedon video

Recently, Firaxis has revealed that their Civilization 6 Double Civ Pack will include Macedon and Persia. Both new playable Civilizations have passives that boost city conquest bonuses and reduces warfare penalties. Players of these new Civilizations can adapt to standard villainous tactics to gain an advantage over other Civilizations.

Double Civ Pack Reveal

The official Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 channel has just released two First Look trailers for Macedon and Persia. Previously, Firaxis confirmed that the next release after Australia will be the “Double Civ Pack” which brings two new playable Civilizations. You can watch both Macedon and Persia’s First Look trailers below.

Civilization Bonuses

Alexander the Great’s Macedon features straightforward conquest focused unique passives, structures, and units. Macedon’s unique passive is Hellenistic Fusion which allows the player to reap extra rewards depending on the districts that the conquered city has. Meanwhile, Alexander’s leader passive “To The World’s End” reduces war weariness, which means Macedon can wage war longer. Macedon also has access to the Basilikoi Paides building and two unique early game unique military units which can give Macedon a strong early game boost.

Meanwhile, Cyrus’ Persia is a strong self-sustaining Civilization and has a traitorous passive which encourages surprise wars. Persia’s Satrapies passive gives a free trade route after researching the early game Political Philosophy civic. This passive also grants extra bonuses when sending Traders to your own cities. Persia can also build the Pairidaeza which provides more tile yields as you unlock more technologies and civics and gives bonuses to districts and city centers. Lastly, Persia’s Fall of Babylon passive reduces diplomatic penalties when declaring surprise wars and adds bonus movement to Persia’s units.

Villainous Civs

Due to Macedonia’s strong early game military bonuses and Persia’s sneaky surprise war passive, both of the two new Double Civ Pack playable Civilizations are strong when played like a villain. Players are encouraged to take advantage of neighboring Civilizations weaknesses to avail of their unique passives. Macedon suffers greatly when not at war with anybody because its passives are tied to military strength. Continuously building military and siege units for the Science yields may prove self-destructive as the increasing gold upkeep per unit may kill the growth of the overall Civilization. If Macedon finds a good city to take, they’ll go for it for the bonus yields.

Meanwhile, Persia’s surprise war-focused passive can be a pain to deal with in the early game. Amassing a large Persian military force and declaring surprise wars may make them difficult to stop as early game warfare yields less penalties than later. Strong Persia players may steamroll poorly defended cities with cavalry and a handful of units. More than its straightforward use, Persia is a shaky ally as the passive easily avails them reduced penalties and a bonus against anybody they fight. Truly, Macedon and Persia can be annoying regardless if a player or AI uses them in a match.

Updates After Double Civ Pack

According to the official Civilization site, a Spring 2017 update is coming after the Double Civ pack contents. The Spring 2017 update will contain balance changes, multiplayer changes, and bug fixes. The patch notes for this update will be revealed later at an undisclosed date. Stay updated with more Civilization 6 news here on TheBitBag.

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