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Civilization 6 DLC: What’s Next After Aztec?

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Civilization 6 DLC

Civilization 6?s Aztec Civilization is confirmed to be free this coming January as the bonus Civilization will officially become available to everyone after the game has been available for three months. Firaxis may start announcing the next set of Civilization 6 DLC Civs, but they haven?t announced other nations or historical Civilizations yet. What Civilization 6 DLC is next after the Aztecs?

More Civilizations

Once the Aztecs gets released for free to play for every Civilization 6 player, the fans may want to see new Civilizations to play. Most might have already played the game?s current 18 Civilizations and have tier lists in terms of overall strength. They?ll need a new playable Civilization to shake the game up particularly to counter certain Civilizations rather than always playing carefully when better Civilizations are in-play. Lastly, Firaxis needs to show a different way of enjoying the game as it?s been focused toward managing armies to ward off enemies.

New Gameplay Systems

In the previous Civilization 5, the new Religion and Ideology systems definitely changed the gameplay. Despite not granting a Victory, investing in Religion helps your Civilization gain passive bonuses that can help your cities grow or earn faster than other Civilizations. Additionally, the Ideology system re-hauled the Social Policies system as players could win if they have an extremely high amount of Culture production per turn. Potentially, a new system introduced in a Civilization 6 DLC will be welcome to refresh the players with a new playstyle.

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Official Scenarios

Civilization 5 also had interesting official scenarios like the Samurai Invasion of Korea and the Empire of the Smoky Skies to play with. These game modes featured similar or different gameplay from the main game that often reenacted some of history?s interesting events. Civilization 6?s multiple leader systems may encourage Firaxis to make historical wars like the Sengoku Jidai, American Civil War, or the World Wars as alternative scenarios to the main game. Fans can make these Scenarios with the right mod tools, but official characters supplied by its creators will definitely be appreciated by its fans entirely. We?ll have to wait and see what Firaxis is planning for Civilization 6 after the Aztecs become free for everybody this 2017.

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