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Civilization 6 DLC Update: Firaxis Leaves Clues For Next Expansion, Possibly Releasing Soon

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Civilization 6 DLC
Source: Civilization 6 in-game screenshot

After the release of the Civilization 6 Winter update last December 2016, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next DLC. However, fans have noted recently added achievements and updates on the Civilization 6 Steam database page. Potentially, Firaxis may be preparing to release the next batch of Civilization 6 DLC soon.

Update Activity

According to Civilization 6’s SteamDB page, mystery updates have been added to the Civilization 6 PC version. Potentially, Firaxis might be updating Civilization 6.

In hallobaba’s thread on the Civilization 6 subreddit, fans are speculating about the new Civilization 6 DLC contents after discovering the mystery updates. Portugal as playable Civilization, alternate Spain leader, new maps, and new wonders are some of the content that the fans are expecting. We’ll have to wait for the next Civilization 6 patch to know what the new updates are for. Additionally, game balance updates like adjustment of AI behavior toward Warmongering were suggested. As of now, the AI Civilizations tend to be aggressive with Agenda systems and unreasonable or unfriendly if they push a protective offensive against another Civilization.

No New Content Teases on Civilization 6

So far, the official Civilization 6 Twitter and Facebook pages haven’t teased new Civilization 6 DLC updates. The Civilization 6 Explorer Pack Signature Edition and the Linux Release are the most significant updates as of February. Perhaps, Firaxis has some upcoming updates to explain this mystery patch found on SteamDB.

Currently, Civilization 6 has the Winter 2016 update on the PC, Mac, and Linux. The Winter 2016 update has Poland as a playable Civilization and Jadwiga as its leader. Civilization 6’s Poland is a Civilization with a Religious and Expansion focused bonuses with a gimmick carried over from the previous game. Currently, Poland has the ability to “Culture Bomb” which allows them to extend their territory through military building placement and even steal territory from other Civilizations without announcing war.

Since the Civilization 6 builds are aligned on all platforms, Civilization 6 crossplay is still possible. However, the next Civilization 6 DLC may be updated first on the PC again and leave the other versions behind. Firaxis and Aspyr Media have already confirmed that crossplay won’t be possible if the game builds are mismatched. Unless this issue is completely taken out, crossplay Civilization 6 players may have to wait an extended time until Firaxis rolls out the new update on all platforms.

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