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Civilization 6 DLC: Three New Civs Potentially Found On Steam Database

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Civilization 6 DLC
Source: Civilization 6 in-game screenshot

Firaxis has recently uploaded new files for Civilization 6 as seen on its Steam Database. These new files are tagged as “DLC05, DLC06, and Civ GH”. Potentially, these new files could be the promised Civilizations from Africa and Southeast Asia.

Three New Files

As seen on the Civilization 6 Steam Database, three new “SteamDB Unknown App” files were recently added. The contents of these new files are still unknown and unannounced. We’ll just have to wait for the coming days for Firaxis to reveal these new content.

DLC 05, DLC 06, and Civ GH

Fans on the Civilization subreddit have already started speculating on the next DLC updates’ content basing from the filenames. Ghana and the Golden Horde are one of the speculated Civilizations in the upcoming update. At best, we may get three new playable Civilizations from this update.

However, some of these files could be assets for the new scenarios and Wonders. Firaxis has always included new World Wonders and Natural Wonders as part of their new playable Civilizations in Civilization 6. No new units for existing Civilizations or playable Civilization reworks have been released yet unlike its predecessor, Civilization 5.

Promised Civilizations from Africa and Southeast Asia

Firaxis previously announced on their official site that the next playable Civilizations will be from Africa and Southeast Asia. They haven’t given out clues as of which African and Southeast Asian countries or historical groups will be included in the game. The current Civilization 6 roster barely has any African Civilizations other than Kongo and Egypt. No Southeast Asian Civilizations are in Civilization 6 yet.

Firaxis Release Patterns

So far, Firaxis has released new Civilization 6 major updates without any prior announcements. Most players scramble to patch their game and discover what they’re getting in their Steam client DLC window. If Firaxis plans to release the new updates again, players should always take a look at their Steam client download window for this new update.

Moreover, Civilization 6’s cross-play between PC operating systems will be unavailable again if the Windows PC version gets the update first. Mac and Linux Civilization 6 porter company Aspyr Media said that cross-play is impossible if the update builds are different. Firaxis has yet to release a Civilization 6 update that covers all of its platforms on release. For now, we’ll have to wait for the developers to release the update or an announcement first to know more on this new addition.

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