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Civilization 6 DLC Reveal At E3 2017 Possible As Firaxis Confirms Their Appearance

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Civilization 6 DLC
Source: CIVILIZATION VI Launch Trailer video

2K and Firaxis has confirmed an appearance at E3 2017 through the PC Gaming show. Firaxis has yet to reveal the Civilization 6 DLC featuring the new playable Civilizations after Macedon and Persia. However, Firaxis might just be there for pushing out a major update for their other games.

Firaxis Appearance

According to the XCOM Twitter, Firaxis will have an XCOM 2 announcement on June 12 10AM PT/ 1PM ET/ 6PM BST on the PC Gaming Show in E3 2017. The XCOM Twitter didn’t reveal much details about the upcoming announcement but they’re hyping it in the replies. Since Firaxis also confirmed their appearance on Twitter, Civilization 6 fans can hope that they’ll mention any game update other than XCOM 2.

Unrevealed Civilization 6 Content

The official Civilization 6 site previously confirmed that they’re going to release playable African and Southeast Asian Civilizations next. However, the developers have yet to follow up any major announcements about this update. Few African Civilizations and no Southeast Asian Civilizations are playable in the current Civilization 6 roster.

Additionally, Firaxis added three files on Civilization 6 as seen on its Steam Database page. The files’ contents are still unknown, but many speculate that this could be linked to the promised new Civilizations.

Three Months Since Last Civilization Release

As of now, Civilization 6’s Twitter and Facebook hasn’t announced or teased any new content for the game. The major update featuring Macedon and Persia was announced last March.

Civilization 6 port developers for Mac and Linux, Aspyr Media, also slipped and potentially revealed the next update’s release this July. Since this tease, we’ve yet to hear from Firaxis.

Firaxis promised that they’ll do better with DLCs right now to compensate for the expensive Digital Deluxe Edition Season Pass for its fans.  Potentially the developers might’ve been working on some extra additions other than the Africa and Southeast Asia Civilizations.

Surprise Release Like Always?

The previous release for Poland, Australia, Macedon and Persia were suddenly rolled out after Firaxis announced a release window for them. Fans just found their Steam client downloading a new update for Civilization 6. While fans may enjoy a refreshing surprise, waiting indefinitely for updates is tiring and crushing for the fans.

If ever Firaxis does talk about Civilization 6 on E3 2017, prepare to check your Civilization 6 DLC page on Steam to know if they have any updates. Stay updated with more Civilization 6 news here on The Bitbag.

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