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Civilization 6 DLC: How Firaxis Can Bring In Philippine Leaders

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Civilization 6 DLC
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Developer Firaxis previously announced their plans to include new playable African and Southeast Asian Civilizations in their latest game. Potentially, Firaxis might consider including the Philippines in Civilization 6. Here’s a few leaders that can represent this Civilization, should they make it in the game.


During the Age of Exploration, Lapu-Lapu defeated and killed Ferdinad Magellan’s Spanish forces in Mactan in 1521. Lapu-Lapu even refused any request to retrieve Magellan’s body as he intended to keep it as a war trophy. The Philippines recognizes Lapu-Lapu as one of the earliest Filipino historical figures solely due to this feat.

As a Civilization 6 leader, his lack of known achievements other than killing Magellan may pose him to be a militaristic leader. His unique leader passives may just be focused on damage bonuses against technologically advanced Civilizations like Civilization 5’s Ethiopia or unit damage boosts near coasts similar to Japan.

However, Lapu-Lapu represents a large part of early Philippine Civilization which doesn’t have vast historical records. Due to this, it might be difficult to represent this leader correctly. Firaxis may tap out on making Lapu-Lapu solely on difficulty in depicting him and his people.

Jose Rizal

The Philippines’ national Hero, Jose Rizal, can also be a good candidate for becoming a Civilization 6 DLC leader. Technically, he hasn’t been politically elected to become leader, but he did lead an intellectual revolution to free the Philippines from Spanish rule. Similar to India’s case to have Mahatma Gandhi as its Civilization leader, Jose Rizal has a good chance to be playable.

Civilization 5’s modders already made an unofficial playable Philippine Civilization with Jose Rizal leading it. The Philippines’ unique bonuses encourages a passive, cooperative, and commerce-focused playstyle with extra Faith and Food yields. Rizal also seems to have access to Katipuneros which have stat bonuses when fighting foes inside Philippine territory.

In Civilization 6, Rizal’s background as an intellectual could be translated into Science or Culture bonuses when trading with other Civilizations. Rizal did push to improve the Philippines through institutional reform, which could translate to extra bonuses when reaching new technology eras.

Ferdinand Marcos

The 10th president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, is one of the country’s most controversial and infamous leaders. On one side, he’s loathed as a dictator but praised for his infrastructure work as its leader. Marcos is known for his dictator-like rule as a president, embezzling billions of the country’s funds, many human rights violations under his rule, and leaving a national debt that lasts decades to pay off. However, no other Philippine leader has able to beat his record in overall infrastructure projects in the country, which he is mostly credited for.

Including him in Civilization 6 will definitely raise eyebrows and hit headlines. If he does become the Philippines leader, he might need less turns to complete building projects or have improved city production at the price of an atrocious economic penalty. Firaxis can also make an interesting economic passive that allows Marcos to generate massive amounts of money through trade, but suffer heavily in the late game. At any case, Marcos could definitely be considered in a Civilization 6 “Worst Leaders” DLC pack due to his track record.

Other Civilization 6 Passives

Each playable Civilization in Civilization 6 has at least four unique passives, units or systems allotted to each of them. The Leader Passive is separate bonus from the other bonuses tied to the Civilization itself. Firaxis plans to implement a “Multiple Leader” system that allows a Civilization to played with different leaders. Firaxis can use the Philippines’ long colonial history and its current status in world to make its passive bonuses in Civilization 6.

Philippine Representation

The whole Sid Meier’s Civilization series have long pitted many countries and their leaders throughout time in some sort of political arena. So far, the best appearance that the Philippines had in the series was in form of the Manila city state in Civilization 5. The execution was generic due to Civilization 5’s simple City States system. Fans can only hope that Firaxis includes the Philippines in one of the three playable Civilizations in the upcoming update.

Now would we dare predict a character in the likeness of current strongman President Rodrigo Duterte? We’d rather not go there, but here’s what he might look like:

DuterteLorraine Lorenzo | The Bitbag

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