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Civilization 6 DLC: Next Expansion Scheduled For July

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Civilization 6 DLC
Source: Civilization 6 in-game screenshot

Civilization 6 Mac and Linux porter Aspyr Media has confirmed that a new update is due this July. Firaxis hasn’t announced any next update release dates, but new files were found in the Windows version. Here’s what we know about the next Civilization 6 DLC.

July Release

According to an Aspyr representative on the Steam Discussion, the next DLC hits “around July”. Usually, the PC version gets the announcement first and only Civilization 6 Mac and Linux news come from Aspyr Media. However, we’ll have to wait until Firaxis officially confirms this update rolling in soon. If Aspyr Media’s announcement is true, we might get a new Civilization 6 DLC next month.

Uploaded Steam Files

As seen on Civilization 6’s Steam Database, three new DLC files were added a week ago. Nobody knows what these updates are for as Firaxis hasn’t talked about them yet. Potentially, these might be the next African and Southeast Asian Civilizations that they’re planning to include in the next update.

As of now, few African Civilizations and no Southeast Asian Civilizations are playable in Civilization 6. Few good candidates from these regions are Ramkhamhaeng’s Siam, Shaka Zulu’s  Zulu tribe, and Nelson Mandela’s South Africa.

Major Update Along With DLC

As of the previous updates, Firaxis has added major Civilization 6 gameplay updates whenever a new Civilization was introduced. Long list of new features and stat changes to specific Civilizations are always found in these updates. Firaxis might’ve been shaping the game to make the new additions feel balanced and never overpowered for their players. The previous additions, Macedon and Persia, have passives that make them strong conquest-focused Civilizations but suffer heavily if they don’t have neighbors close enough to fight.

Surprise Release

Most of Firaxis’ new content release, like Poland and Australia, arrived without a prior release date announcement. Firaxis just mentions that the Civilization 6 DLC is coming soon in livestreams and fans just find their client updating in the next few days. Firaxis might do this again for the upcoming Civilization 6 DLC with the African and Southeast Asian Civilizations. Fans have not much else to do but wait for announcements or its stealthy release on Steam. Once the new DLC is out on Windows, fans can start worrying about when Aspyr Media pushes the new update to Mac and Linux versions again.

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