Civilization 6 DLC: Incompetent Leaders In Next Expansion?

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Civilization 6 DLC

In Civilization 6, Firaxis revealed that they pick leaders according to their personality rather than their record as a leader. Fans speculated that some of history?s worst leaders could be included in in the game. Here?s what we know so far about some potential Civilization 6 DLC leaders.

Incompetent Leaders

According to Wandering_Librarian?s thread on the Civilization Reddit, fans collected some of the world?s worst leaders for the Civilization 6 DLC. Wandering_Librarian lists Commodus for Rome, Warren G. Harding for America, and Emperor Jiajing for China. Historically, Wandering_Librarian bases their incompetency on their severe faults during their reign. Other?possible leaders include Nero, William Henry Harrison, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin.

Welfare, Gold, and Faith

The suggested Civilization 6 leaders have ?high-risk, high-reward? playstyles. These suggested leaders not only promise large boosts but also net persistent and even unique disadvantages to their cities. Commodus? Rome has lower Amenity thresholds which means his cities are always unhappy and in less productive form. However, the player receives a unit strength buff if all of Rome?s cities are unhappy. The Amenity balancing system does seem fun, but it does get punishing if you play passively in the long run.

Meanwhile, Warren G. Harding?s America focuses on a trade-off for increased Gold generation but lowered Production. The increased money accumulation may easily allow America to upgrade buildings and buy units but not making Wonders and Satellites for a Science Victory. At best, opt to aim for a Victory that?ll rely heavily on your Gold rather than playing passively.

Lastly, Emperor Jiajing has a Faith-focused playstyle as every Wonder generates 2 Faith, and Faith purchases are 20 percent cheaper than usual. However, players must keep their cities happy as they can lock out their help to main Civilization for five turns if they remain unhappy. Additionally, entering new technology eras forces the emperor?s Cities to become ?corrupt? to randomly pick and finish a non-Wonder project before returning control to the player. This randomness could be a setback as some Cities may be forced to create units and buildings that take long to build.

Civilization 6 DLC So Far

Currently, Montezuma and the Aztecs are Civilization 6 DLC characters granted early to those who pre-ordered the game. Montezuma will be given out for free this January, but Firaxis hasn?t teased or announced the game?s new DLC Civilization. The game still has a large pool of historical countries and leaders players can choose from, and multiple leaders for one Civilization is also possible. For now, we can only wait for Firaxis to reveal their next set of DLC content.

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