Civilization 6 DLC: What To Expect From Firaxis

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Civilization 6 DLC

Firaxis has yet to reveal the next set of information about the Civilization 6 DLC. Currently, fans are just busy enjoying the game and exhausting its systems to their advantage. Soon enough, Civilization 6 will need new playable Civilizations, Leaders, and gameplay systems to keep the game fresh. Here?s what to expect from Firaxis’?Civilization 6 DLC.

More Civilizations

Easily, Firaxis will add more Civilizations after the Aztec Civilizations to explore more playstyles. Additionally, the alternate leader systems in Civilization 6 makes it easy for Firaxis to add new leaders in an existing Civilization. Currently, Firaxis still has a large window of historical leaders and countries to use for the next Civilization 6 DLC.

As seen on The_EnigmaConundrum?s thread on the Civilization Reddit, fans already have ideas for the next set of Civilization 6 DLC leaders and playable Civilizations. The Civilization 6 speculation list in the thread features around 56 playable Civilizations and 88 leaders to choose from. Previously, Civilization 5 only had 43 Civilizations with one leader each. The game?may easily overtake this number once they announce the DLCs due to the easier template of making new Civilizations.

New Gameplay Systems

Currently, Civilization 6?s focus on territory use and defense toward their preferred victory feels robust at the moment. The Eureka and Religion system still keeps players active if they?re in the lead instead of them waiting for production turns to end. Currently, players are busy finding ways to maximize and even exploit the game?s system to gain an easy or huge advantage against other Civilizations.

Perhaps Firaxis could improve the Espionage system to make it more responsive and exciting to use. Currently, the Espionage system keeps asking the player about moving Spies in to another city rather than its Spy activities. Additionally, Espionage doesn?t show a marker on its previous Spy action. Defensive Spies could get tedious to maintain but are crucial if players don?t want their Gold stolen or their Industrial Zones sabotaged. Potentially, Firaxis could also add more systems in the Wonders so they don?t idly grant passive bonuses throughout the whole game.

Release Date

Currently, Civilization 6?s social media accounts and Firaxis haven?t been updating their fans about the next Civilization 6 DLC. Potentially, Firaxis may announce their DLC at?The Game Awards this December. Alternatively, Firaxis may start talking about the game?s DLC content once the Aztec Civilization gets released for free on January 19. For now, we?ll have to keep an eye on their updates as they haven?t been announcing any new content updates since the game launched. Stay updated with more Civilization 6 news here on TheBitBag.

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