Civilization 6 Districts Detailed At E3 2016

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Civilization 6

Recently, Civilization 6 was shown on the E3 livestreams on GameSpot and German stream Rocketbeans. Fans were able to see the new features in the game like the city districts, adjustable day and night cycle, and even Cleopatra as the playable Egyptian Civilization leader. Here?s a video from Game Play showing some of the new Civilization 6 districts and systems.

After today?s Civilization 6 reveals, we still have IGN?s stream tomorrow where we can see if there will be different content that will be announced. According to GaslightProphet?s Civilization Reddit thread, at least nine buildable Civilization 6 districts have been confirmed in the streams today. The confirmed districts are Encampment, Theater, Industrial, Commercial, Holy, Campus, Farm, Airport, and Spaceport.

According to developer Firaxis, city districts will take up territory tiles to build, so make sure to allot space for them in the game. It?s been confirmed in the stream that some Natural Wonders may positively affect some districts, such as when players build a Holy city district near the Great Barrier Reef. However, tile yield specifics were not discussed.

In Civilization 5, players stack buildings and infrastructures in a single tile, and tile improvements are a means to add a little more tile yield to your owned territories. This is not the case in Civilization 6 as players will have to allot regular tile improvements, districts, and even World Wonders in their land. Despite the new micromanaging metagame this system introduces, you will now be able to fully enjoy the sights, as the Wonders are almost as big as your city and not just a small addition near it.

The streams also showed a Day and Night cycle where the buildings light up in the night. Alternatively, it?s confirmed that players can ?control? the Day and Night cycle to enjoy seeing their cities in a different lighting or setting. In Civilization 5, players had a perpetually sunny weather throughout the whole playthrough and there were no other weather options.

Additionally, Cleopatra was revealed as the Egyptian Civilization Leader in Civilization 6. The character replaces Ramesses II, who was the Egyptian leader in Civilization 5. The stream also confirmed 18 civilizations in the game, including America, China and Japan. According to the Civilization Reddit Civ 6 information megathread, fans were able to discover at least 10 Civilizations in the game, so there are eight more to be announced. Perhaps there will be more game systems and features to be revealed on the IGN stream on June 15 1:40 PM PDT, so stay tuned.

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