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Civilization 6 Demo Is Too Limited, Especially For Beginners

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Civilization 6 Demo
Source: Civilization 6 in-game screenshot

Firaxis has announced a free Civilization 6 trial version available starting today. The free version limits players to 60 turns, which barely gets anything done in a normal playthrough. Beginners may not get an authentic gameplay through this Civilization 6 demo if this is the case.

Civilization 6 Demo

According to the official  Civilization 6 announcement on Steam, players can download the demo on its store page. This Civilization 6 demo is free and there’s no time limit, but its gameplay is limited to 60 turns. Gamers will be able to play as China in a fixed map or tackle the game’s tutorial as Sumeria or Egypt.

60 Turns

In a regular playthrough, 60 turns barely do anything in a Civilization 6 game. Much of the first 100 turns are focused on building up the player’s first few structures and units. Beginners definitely won’t fully grasp the game or how the AI treats the player on the first few turns. However, these 60 turns may be enough to give them an idea on how a Civilization game works.

Saved By Its Modes

Even though the demo has its limits, its game modes are enough to give beginners a glimpse of its systems. The fixed China game mode allows new players to immerse themselves in Civilization 6’s midgame where they manage city production and defense. The 60-turn limit makes it difficult to aim for any quick victories in this mode. Beginners should focus on trying to understand how to use China’s strengths to keep the lead against other Civilizations.

Meanwhile, the Civilization 6 tutorial as Sumeria and Egypt is good for beginners who haven’t tried any Civilization entry. Even with the 60-turn limit, players will be able to understand most of Civilization 6’s controls and systems through the tutorial. Both Civilization 6 demo game modes don’t have replay limits, so play away.

Barely The Experience

So far, the Civilization experience comes from building your empire from the ground up, managing its growth, and leading it toward victory. Outside Marathon mode, 60 turns barely mean anything, as usual city production often takes at least eight to 10 turns to complete. Players will need to heavily optimize their city placement for tile yields that’ll boost their plans faster. At best, a previous Civilization entry experience is better for gameplay immersion instead of settling for the Civilization 6 demo.

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