Civilization 6 Civs: All Leaders Leaked At Gamescom 2016 Showcase

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Civilization 6

Civilization 6 appeared at Gamescom 2016 and showcased more of the upcoming game?s features. However, its developers may have slipped up and revealed all the playable leaders upon looking at the game?s Civilopedia. Here?s what we know so far about the trailer-less leaders that will be implemented in Civilization 6.

As seen on the Civilization Reddit, fans were able to spot the developers opening the Civilopedia in the game. Instead of the presentation being just a regular showcase of the game?s trivias and info, the developers inadvertently leaked the full leader list in the game.

Fans found both new and returning leaders in Civilzation 6?s leader list. Here?s a list of the confirmed Civilization 6 Civs and their leaders seen on the Gamescom 2016 stream:

India ? Gandhi

Greece – Gorgo

Norway ? Harald Hardrada

Kongo ? Mvemba a Nzinga

Greece – Pericles

Spain ? Philip II

Fans were surprised that there were two Greek leaders revealed in the Civilopedia leak. It?s possible that Greece will have two interchangeable leaders or they each will have a part of Greece as their own Civilization, particularly Spartan Greece and Athenian Greece.

More leaders have also been found, but players are still speculating on their specifics. Peter and Saladin have yet to be confirmed in the upcoming game. Since Peter is a common name in history, fans are considering that it might be Peter I of Russia. Additionally, Saladin is speculated to lead Egypt, but Cleopatra is already leading the Egyptians. Lastly, Gilgamesh is also included in the Civilization 6 leaders and might lead the Akkadians or the Sumerians in the game.

Previously, Firaxis revealed how they pick playable leaders in Civilization 6, saying they focus more on the leader?s personality. Perhaps this is so that leaders have a concrete Agenda in the game instead of the game just having the best leaders from that country or Civilization like in the previous entries. With these leak, players now have an idea who to expect in the upcoming reveals before the game?s release on October 21.

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