Civilization 6 China: Differences With Civilization 5

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Recently, developer Firaxis has given us our first look for the Chinese Civilization in Civilization 6, and it showed the Civilization?s unique passives and buildings. Similar to Egypt, China will also be a Wonder-focused Civilization in the game as opposed to the previous iteration?s focus on military strength back in Civilization 5. Here?s the video revealing the Chinese Civilization in the upcoming game.

In Civilization 6, the Chinese Civilization is led by Qin Shi Huang who historically united China and was the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty. During Qin Shi Huang?s time, he made famous large infrastructure projects such as the Terracotta army and the Great Wall of China. The game may mirror his historical accomplishments in his Civilization?s strength as he can rush Wonders of the Ancient and Classical era. ?Unlike in the previous Civilization 5, the Great Wall is now a unique building for the Chinese Civilization. The Great Wall is considered an early game defense advantage, but it takes up a lot of tile space and builders as each wall will have to be built separately.

Additionally, this Civilization?s unique passive is ?Dynastic Cycles,? where China gets more yields when triggering Eureka bonuses. This means you can get more Science or Culture bonuses when you?re just technically playing the game, with gaining more resources in mind. Along with China?s Wonder rushing passive, Qin Shi Huang?s passive definitely amps up China?s early game strength.

Currently, Civilization 6?s China only has the Crouching Tiger Cannon, which is a strong early game unit that doesn?t require any Strategic Resources to produce. This allows China to stay relevantly strong in the early game, but it may quickly lose this unit?s advantage once a Civilization focuses on military strength through Science bonuses.

However, China loses most of its unique passives and units in the mid-game and late game due to these early game boosts. Players should opt to take every advantage they can find in the early game and prepare for the worst as they approach the mid-game.

In Civilization 5, China was more focused on Domination Victories rather than its Civilization 6?s early game strength. Wu Zetian?s China had the Art of War passive which allows faster acquisition of slightly improved Great Generals. These special units can only be obtained through continuous warfare and fighting, so they?re not only a good fit for steamrolling other cities in the early game, but they also stay relevant as a military power in the late game. If a player fails to establish dominance or advantages in the early game with China in Civilization 6, they may have difficulties in catching up as they have fewer unique tools to help them out without risking conflict.

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